22nd May 2024

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Professional Sturdy Steel Fences Repair & Installation in Bay Area.

Protecting your home or business is important. While boosting the security of your premises, there are different solutions. At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, we prove one of the most effective solutions for security. We make, supply, install, maintain and repair steel fences. With our diverse products, we have earned the spotlight as the best steel fence service providers across the country.

Our steel fence services include the provision of ornamental fences, pool fences, both commercial and residential fences. We also provide custom-made fences to suit the different needs of our clients.

Below is a list of the types of steel fences we offer

Xcel steel fence systems

These are attractive ornamental steel fences that are reliable and long lasting. The Xcel steel fences come in different sizes for both residential and commercial spaces. For industrial purposes, the fences are slightly larger.

Steel pool fences

Pool enclosure fences are made of different materials. Among them is steel. Steel effectively fulfills the primary role of a pool fence, which is create a barrier that prevents strays and kids from falling in the pool. Steel is used to create beautiful pool fences that abide according to the state regulations on the distance, opening, rail spacing and height of the fence.

Custom steel fences

When making these types of gates, we collaborate with our clients in the fun activities of fabricating a fence. We create unique gates that capture the personal statement of our clients. Steel being versatile is the perfect material for the steel fences. For these projects, we use a range of coatings to bring out the full personality of our clients.

Steel fences combine the strength and durability of pre-finished steel to deliver low-maintenance and long lasting fences. These are mostly favored as they are of high security grade and provide more security and privacy. If you are looking to make a decision on the type of fence to install, you do not have all the facts if you are yet to interact with Bay Area Automatic Gates &  steel fence services.

Steel fence services provided by Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences include a modular system that makes it a lot easier to install. The set has adjustable brackets that allow them to be altered on slopes and corner angles.

Why Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences for steel fence services?

We are affordable

We understand that the security and privacy of your home is fundamental. That is why we have amazing package deals for all classes of homeowners. Depending on the area coverage, the design and style of the fence, we create our prices to accommodate more clients, which is not usually the norm with other companies.

We are a permitted and licensed business

According to the state laws of any construction, we have a viable business permit. We also work according to the state laws that dictate the distances, heights, opening mechanisms and rail spacing of the steel fences. With this, you can be sure that with us working with you, the law is observed to the last letter.

We offer variety

If you are looking for essentially maintenance free security, ornamental or privacy fences, then Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences has got your back. We provide a wide range of steel fences to choose from, in color, model, style, shape and height. Even more, we also have a fabricating workshop that allow our clients to specify what they want and we have it made for them.

We are all about quality

Most importantly, we offer durable, rust resistant and stylish fences for our clients. With the many options you are offered, we believe there must be at least two that suit your needs perfectly. We use quality materials while making our highly effective and efficient steel fences.

Although steel fence is low-maintenance, it is important to carry out checkups once in a while in order to prevent rusting. In the case of a scratch or rust, rough it up, prime it and paint it. Check out the fence after some time for vegetation, bended parts or peeling paints.

The maintenance of the steel fence maintains its vibrant look. Clearing the unwanted vegetation keeps it neat and attractive, with peeled of paint, scrap, prime and paint it again to avoid rusting and retain the attractive look your steel fence attracts.

Over the years, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences has offered high quality steel Aluminium fence services. We have gained a wide client base for whom we maintain their fences. This has exposed us to firsthand experience, which goes a long way to assure our new clients that we deliver quality service.   

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