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Super automatic gate is Almost Here.

Why Driveway Gates?

Get a driveway gate for more safety & privacy. Secure your property and increase the value of your home or business

Play automatic gate, start living.

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Electric Gate Repair and Installation Company Los Altos Hills CA

Electric Gate Repair in Los Altos Hills CA

Electric gates offer people convenience and comfort when it comes to gates in the home or workplace.

Since they involve a lot of moving parts and motors, you need to engage a proper technician to install the gate well.

What’s more, you need a top of the line expert to perform for electric gate repair in Los-Altos-Hills, CA and also scheduled automatic gate maintenance.

Call us today for expert service delivery alongside the best customer-friendly experience.

liftmaster gate opener

Gate Repair & Installation in:

Los-Altos-Hills CA

Automatic Gate Repair in Los-Altos-Hills, CA

Automatic gates offer the best safety and security for homes and commercial areas.

Electric Gates in Bay Area
A swing gate with a LiftMaster single-arm gate opener. Call us for gate opener repair and installation services

However, after usage, they will wear off and you will need a professional for repair.

In such a case, our technical team arrives in less than one hour with special tools and gate accessories for fast automatic gate repair at the most competitive prices in the market.

Call us today when your gate requires occasional repairs like welding, repainting, re-aligning and more.

If your gate was completely wrecked, you have the opportunity to replace the previous one with our new gate models and designs at considerable prices.

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Automatic Gate Repair in:

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The best driveway gates in Los Altos Hills

How to choose your next driveway gate in Los Altos Hills, CA?

Every homeowner has his style when it comes to driveway gate design. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when purchasing a new gate for your home or business. These days it’s crucial to increase your safety and your household security. Aesthetic is also a factor when matching a new driveway gate. Do you need a sliding gate or a swing gate? What material is the best for you? A unique design or a standard driveway gate design? Which additional accessories do you need to get the best result?

There are many decisions you need to do before ordering your new gate.

Swing or Slide – That’s the question!

Swing driveway gates are much more popular, but you need to be sure you have enough space to open and close the gate. With a sliding driveway gate, the opening and closing are seamless. Let’s learn more about those two gates:

Driveway gate in los altos hills
A slide gate in Los Altos Hills CA – installation and repair

Sliding driveway gate in Los Altos CA

  • Opening and closing in a horizontal direction. Much more aesthetic and efficient.
  • Easy to install. Usually behind the front fence wall.
  • They have a hidden operating system.
  • Great accessories such as Keypad, gate opener supported by an app, video surveillance.
swing gate repair in los altos
Swing driveway gate in Los Altos Hills CA

Swing driveway gate in Los Altos, CA

  • It can be designed to swing in\out.
  • Great solution when you don’t have enough space at your front yard.
  • More expensive, but much more durable.

Swing VS. Slide driveway gates

While a swing gate is more expensive than a sliding gate, the durability of a swing gate will last longer. A sliding gate is operated on rails connected to the ground, while a swing gate is hinged. At sliding gates, the rails must be cleaned regularly so that no obstructions are interfered with.

Electric Gate Owners in Los Altos Hills?

You’ve come to the right place. Here you can read and expand your knowledge about your electric gate.
Are you looking for an automatic gate installation Los Altos Hills?

Excellent. Installing automatic gates is a great way to protect your home from intruders and just pests. Sit home, watch the traffic via your smartphone, who rings the bell? Only you decide whether to open or say: “Dad is not home.” Or Just Don’t answer, let them think you are on vacation.

Why choose Bay Area Gates repair electric gates?

Welcome to Bay Area Gates Repair and installation. Our driveway gates artists specialize in custom driveway gates design, our electricians have a degree, and we are licensed to deploy any gate, commercial or residential.

Bay Area Gates gives a heartfelt service, price, and attitude.

Let’s talk about LPR cameras?

The LPR camera is a camera that identifies the vehicle’s license number and allows quick entry into the car park or shared facilities.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

We offer a variety of LPR cameras according to customer requirements; there are sophisticated cameras that come with advanced management software such as GEOVISION and cameras suitable for use by permanent tenants, without the need of management software such as HIKVISION.

These are suitable for factories, offices, localities, and residential buildings. Our cameras can be combined with additional end devices such as applications, security cameras, and access control.

Lpr system in los altos hills
LPR for gate control in Los Altos hills

When we want to make our business a safer place to have a pleasant time working, we need to invest in its security. One way of investing in the protection of your business is to install at the entrance and exit gates of the LPR camera and entrance control at the doorways of the building.

Entry control is one of the most basic and essential things in our world. It starts right from the house we live in because not everyone is allowed entry into our homes and private space. And over the years, entry control systems have become increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated, especially when it comes to jobs and institutions that require compilation and filtering.

Here, too, as in any other field, there are different types of controls, some of them primitive and more straightforward, and some of them are produced by new technological means.

Our company works with software-controlled login controls at the highest level of computer security.

More controlled and more controlled. By integrating these systems, we don’t have to worry about people we don’t want to get into our business. Installing these technology products is highly recommended for businesses. Factories, law firms, technology, and high-tech offices understand the necessary of privacy.

System Features:

  • The LPR system is an integral part of Geovision’s opening system.
  • Vehicle IDs speed up to 180 mph.
  • Support up to 8 lanes.
  • Authorized and Blocked List.
  • Ability to schedule and build up to 10,000 IDs.
  • Support for Microsoft Access database and SQL server.
  • Camera support.

Watch Hikvision overview:


The benefits of Automatic Gate

So you have read about the benefits of electric gates, you have checked prices and even have some direction on the exact design. Now all you have left is to choose the right professional and go for the job! But the plethora of existing companies and installers confuse: Who is better and who is more experienced, and what should be careful?

Do it yourself – not this time

Installing an automatic gate requires a great deal of skill and practical experience in the field. Many online stores sell suitable installation and assembly parts such as the opener, sensor, signs, and more.

However, the purchase of an automatic gate and self-installation may be made in a way that will damage the various systems and deprive the gate of using the gate without being able to repair it later, which of course, results in considerable financial loss. When the installation is carried out by a professional company with the required experience, it can accurately adjust the size of the gate to the parking area and select the appropriate engine, which will be strong enough and durable to make the gate work properly and adequately. Since an automatic gate is made of weighty iron and steel, the engine needs to be able to lift or shift the gate at the desired speed and with a minimum of noise.

A whole world of possibilities in one company

Natural or matte gray color? Maybe bronze with interesting forging? When you go to a company that specializes in installing an automatic gate installation – your choice of design, model, and other accessories becomes beautiful.

Not only different types of gates will be waiting for you here to choose them, but a new world of exciting shapes that make the gate a new and up-to-date design item that can give a new face to your home or business front and blend in wonderfully with the outdoor public space.

Need a high-quality driveway gate? Bay Area Gates is the right address. The company specializes in installing and repairing electric driveway gates of various types and brings with it a great deal of professionalism and experience in the field. The company will provide you with courteous and professional service without compromise and will be at your disposal from the selection stages to the installation stages.

Bespoke Sliding Gate in Los Altos Hills

Bespoke Sliding gates are also known as “floating gates” because they hover on a rail that is not installed on the ground, which allows them to be installed in sloping places where rails cannot be installed on the ground.

The gate itself is massive, moving on four wheels, which allows it to move freely when closing and opening, two of the wheels are mounted top and two lower, and they move on a stable rail. The massive size of these gates allows it to create huge gates and can be found up to 19 ft in length, making it suitable for factories or logistics centers where full trucks or tractors enter, as well as entrance gates to localities and kibbutzim.
Installation complex requiring professional hand.

Installation of Bespoke Sliding gates is the most complex about all other types of gates available on the market, so installation should be done by expert professionals who are well acquainted with the complexity of the installation. The gate installation process is relatively long and can take several days, with the complexity itself being the installation of rails, which is a work of experts only who knows how to properly install all parts with an emphasis on safety and uncompromising quality of work.

bespoke gate in los altos ca

The gate itself can be opened in several ways, such as – by a guard, a sign, a call center, mobile operating, and more. Of course, the opening type must be pre-selected, and the installation performed accordingly.

The pros and cons of Bespoke Sliding gates.

They can be found in a variety of sizes – the gates can be found in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and different types of bars, allowing you to customize the design to the spirit of the place.

Can be installed anywhere – The apparent advantage of Bespoke Sliding gates is that it can also be installed in confined areas such as slopes, kurkar, rocky soil, etc. The fact that there is no need to install a track on the ground makes installation anywhere desirable.

Massive and robust – Bespoke Sliding gates are strong and stable and are retained for a long time because they are made of iron, which is considered the most durable material. The rails themselves consist of four massive wheels that provide strong gate support and allow for quick opening and closing.

Expensive about other gates – Bespoke Sliding gates are expensive about other gates, as they are large and massive, and installation time is exceptionally long, and yet they appear to be popular gates installed in many places such as factories, settlements, etc.

How can you maintain an automatic gate yourself?

Clean up your front yard

Gates, in general, are installed in the parking lot, driveways, and others. While Sliding gates are hidden on the outer front behind a wall and the inside of the courtyard, near your garden. These gardens, the falling leaves, the mud, the grass that fills the rails from the gardener’s lawnmower, and more.

All these are a source of problems. A sliding gate moves on metal wheels inside metal rails. Roll up your sleeves and make sure the gated environment is clean. Gate. At the swing gates that open onto a hinge system, the dirt is less than a year.

Sealing and corrosion protection (rust)

Los Altos Hills is in the Bay Area. The salty air coming from the ocean causes the oxide and hydroxides to burst onto metals more than any other area. If you want to remove the rust from the gate and hinges yourself, go ahead.

To remove the rust, Take water and mix well with baking soda, there is no precise recipe, but in the end (if you put enough baking soda), you’ll get a thick white ointment. Apply the ointment on the rusty areas and leave it for 2-3 hours and then rinse with water. The rust can also be scrubbed with suitable sandpaper. Once you have removed the rust, you should paint a primary iron color (consult your local hardware shop) and, of course, paint on it any color you want.

Non-rust hinges and gates are also less hazardous to the environment (tetanus injections, etc.) and will also extend the life of the gate.

I click on the sign, but nothing happens

Remotes for an automatic gate

First of all, check that the remote is charged with batteries that work!

Let’s imagine a scenario: You came home after a grampy day at work. The Goldberg family suppose to go for a visit, and you need a shower and change clothes before they are coming.

Early in the morning, you have called to order a delivery that should arrive soon. The car slides off the street and stands in front of your fancy automatic gate, click on the remote… and nothing. Before pressing, check that the batteries are low. Bay Area Experts always recommends customers put a new set of batteries in the glove box. Have you replaced batteries, and the remote still doesn’t work?

What a pity! The Goldbergs are coming, and the caterer and they might find you outside? No. The simplest thing is to push the release button on the engine.

In this situation, you can open the gate on your own. But to repair the gate, you should call an expert gate technician from Los Altos Hills, and who is it? Bay Area Gates!

Gate Installation in Los Altos Hills CA

There are many occasions when your gate might require repair services.

Gate Installation in Bay Area
Call us for professional gate installation, repair, and maintenance services in Los Altos hills.

Firstly, continued exposure to harsh climatic conditions leads to wear and tear of your gate and reduces efficiency during opening and closing of the gate.

Secondly, natural calamities like floods may have swept through your compound, leaving your gate in wrecks.

When this happens, we ensure that your gates are restored to their initial state in the least time possible.

Entry Gates

It is very tiring when you have a manual old fashioned entry gate. This is because you waste a lot of time opening and closing the gate.

Certainly, entry gates should serve to curb the visual appeal of your home.

Therefore, you have to make a wise decision when choosing entry gates for your home or commercial space.

Even more, you need an automatic entry gate that will provide significant efficiency and convenience for operation.

Front gates repair in Los Altos Hills CA

Commercial Slide Gates in Bay Area
Are you looking for a convenient gate for your business? Call us for our variety of commercial gates in the Bay Area.

Most of the time, you face the problem of having intruders into restricted areas on your premises when you do not have a front gate.

Front gates restrict your kids from accessing the main gate or swimming pools, thereby assuring of their safety.

At Bay Area automatic gates, you get a plethora of front gate installation.

We offer wooden, steel, and aluminum gates that come in different opening features.

Due to harsh weather conditions, front gates always require maintenance and regular repairs.

We repair and repaint your gates, giving them the best look always.

Gate Opener in Los Altos Hills CA

Gate openers provide people entering and exiting premises with a cleaner, more efficient way to do it.

Openers do a lot in promoting security and convenience for everyone because, without the proper means of identification, no one can get through unless they break-in, which also raises the alarm.

At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we provide our clients with the most diverse collection of gate openers.

Security Gate Installation in Los Altos Hills CA

Driveway Gate Repair in Bay Area
Keep your home safe with secured driveway gates.

We install different types of security gates that are not only secure but also are easy to operate and beautify your premises.

Importantly, with our up to date services, we install electric motors that can allow telephone calls or opening of the gate via a simple press of a button.

As a result, we are guaranteeing you 100 percent satisfaction when you hire us.

Fence Contractor

Fences are an integral part of any home.

As such, they should be given the proper care and attention they deserve, or else they will just crumble and fall.

In Los-Altos-Hills CA, there are no better fence repair experts than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

Not only do we provide our residents with world-class fences, but we also provide them with the expertise to install, maintain, and repair them.

We have professionally trained specialists who use their knowledge and expertise to provide the best of the best in fence repair.

Chain Link Fence

Fencing services in Bay Area
Are you looking for more secure fencing for your estate? Call us for Fencing services in Bay Area

Chain link fences are a classic when it comes to home fences or even for industrial and commercial use.

This type of fence is immensely popular because of its affordability, ease of installation, and durability.

The interlocking mesh makes it a prime fence also to keep kids and pets inside the premises.

Due to the secure coated interlocking steel wires, you can get this fence in a variety of styles for use in different kinds of installations such as homes, government installations, airports, and even military bases.

We provide the highest quality chain link fence so that you can have peace of mind that you are secure.


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Go green! Solar powered gate openers are efficient. No Need In Trenching Or Running New Power Line. Remote controlled.

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Driveway Gates in Los Altos Hills CA

Driveway gates not only offer the home additional security, but it also adds a lot of aesthetic value to the home. For this reason, you need a supplier who will provide you the strongest gates with the best aesthetic appeal while also providing its maintenance and fixing in times where repairs are needed. We are licensed and certified for these kinds of repairs and installations. We are also quite affordable and serve everyone in the following zip-codes located in the Los-Altos-Hills CA; 94022, 94023, 94024

Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

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