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Electric Gate Openers

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Electric Gate Openers

Automatic gates are a modern trend for homes, businesses or industrial plants. More so, electric gates are common due to the many benefits they bring. Firstly, electric gates help improve the value of your home, as well as your security needs. You can trust Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences for commercial and residential gates services. Most noteworthy, if you have an electric gate, you need to have electric gate opener for simplicity of use and easy accessibility. More so, our services are available to you 24/7 /365. Our technicians are widespread in many towns and are highly mobile. If you are looking for prompt service delivery, then you can call us today for immediate automatic gate services. Among the electric gate opener service we offer are repairs, installation, replacement, emergency services to mention a few.

Additionally, we provide the following list of electric gate opener services:

Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

Quality Affordable Service.

Bay Area Automatic Gates offers 100% Client satisfaction. Our prices are reasonable and the service is above any expectation. Don't decide until you'll get a quote from us.

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Whether your gate is automatic or traditional, you can have it installed with an electric gate opener. For traditional gates, we begin by renovating the gate through electric current supply. Secondly, we install an electric motor that receives current and sends signals to a remote controlled or key pad opening and closing system.

Consequently, we design and install low direct current gate operator arms that are controlled by power. Our range of gate openers is fit for both sliding and swing gates that are tough and weather resistant. We ensure that your electric gate opener functions swiftly and efficiently all the time.

Notably, our gate openers can be operated from the same remote as your Driveway Gates opener, for added convenience. Call us now through our emergency contacts to find the nearest Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences gate opener services around you.

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These gate openers have very powerful electric motors that have smartphone control capability. They are fit for residential as well as commercial gates. Additionally, they offer intelligent security and are very reliable. Also, they have logic controls with LCD screen for smoother operation and monitoring.


The gateman you have helps you open and close your gate for years, but wouldn’t you like to make his life and yours simple? With our swing gate electric openers, you can now make your dream team. Our swing gate openers are simple and very reliable. The gate openers respond via an app, pin code, remote control or through a press of a button. For this reason, your gateman will be free to take care of your security and perform other duties around your premises.


At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences we pride ourselves in offering affordable gate motor repair services that not only help you ensure safety around your home but that everyone can afford to hire. Wondering where to get electric gate opener repair services? With our extensive list of local technicians who have adequate training on our products, we assure you the best electric gate motors repair services around you.

With the cost of essential services such as electricity always on the rise, you do not want to have a gate opener that takes forever to open. Therefore, you will be pleased to know that when we repair your gate motors, power consumption is much lower than when the gate openers are lagging. For this reason, you save money!


More so, there are times when your gate openers are faulty beyond repairs. When we try all repair services, and your gate opener still deems to work, we then decide to replace the gate motors with a new one. All our services are top-notch and aimed at giving our customers a lifetime satisfaction. Call us today for the best deals in electric gate openers.


No electricity? No problem! We can help you save even more money by offering you with gate operators that have battery backups as their alternative source of power. We pride ourselves on having the best battery backup solutions on the market, and we are here to help you get the most of your gate’s budget. Moreover, we have a dedicated gate motor support team to assist you with all your gate opener and battery backup troubleshooting problems. We also offer support through our mobile distributors as well as on our websites, facebook, and twitter.

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