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Automatic gates are a modern trend for homes, businesses or industrial plants. First, they help improve the value of your home, as well as your security needs. Even more, if you have an automatic gate, you need to have a gate opener for simplicity of use and easy accessibility. Again, selecting a professional for gate systems services is equally important. Furthermore, you need to choose the best electric gate operators from hundreds of brands in the market. For this reason, consider selecting Apollo gate openers if you want quality and longevity of your electric gate.


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In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

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Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

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Bay Area Automatic Gates offers 100% Client satisfaction. Our prices are reasonable and the service is above any expectation. Don't decide until you'll get a quote from us.

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The Apollo 1500 swing gate opener is for commercial and residential gates that are 16ft and 600lbs. This type of gate opener is easy to use and weather resistant. The unit employs a 12V DC battery, solar power or AC rechargeable battery and comes with a 2years warranty.

Additionally, the gate actuator permits for push or pull open mechanisms. The battery is powder coated black and weather resistant. The Apollo 1500 is an excellent choice that comes with a free receiver convenient for operation.

Apollo 1500


Not sure which gate operator you need? Try out Apollo 1550 ETL. Use this single swing gate operator that operates well for residential, farm and ranch electric gates. Apollo gate openers can be used in a push or pull open mode. Even more, the gate has a 12V AC battery which uses even solar power! For this reason, you save money used on electricity bills. To spice, the best gate opener has an open speed of 14-16 seconds, has surge protection, is corrosion resistant, easy to install among other excellent features.

Nice Apollo 1550 ETL With Solar Kit


The Apollo TITAN 12L Dual swing operator includes the 936control board. The 12volt DC battery powered linear actuator is suitable for swing gates up to 600lbs and 20ft long for gate leaf. They are useful for commercial, farm, residential and ranch applications. The operator is easy to install, configure and maintain. It also has a lockable manual release, easily accessible limit switch settings and simple in-the-field maintenance and repair. With the current great advancements in technology, the operator can perform hundreds of thousands of opening and closing cycles.


The Apollo TITAN 12L swig is a new version of the new swing gates opener under the 936 control board. It operates gates of up to 1000 and 8ft long or 600lbs and 20ft long per a gate leaf. Apollo Gate Openers are recommended for residential, farm and ranch applications. It is easy to install, configure and maintain. The operator employs lockable manual release, easily accessible limit switch settings, as well as simple maintenance and repair. The operator has a modular design to allow for the in-the-field replacement of the 12VDC drive motor and worm gear train, the limit assembly, and screw-driven piston arm.


The Apollo TITAN12LDual swing gate operator includes the great 1050 control board. It employs the 12 volts DC battery powered linear actuator. It swings gates up to 600lbs and 20ft long per gate leaf orb 1000lbs and 8ft long per gate leaf. The operator is recommended due to its ease of installation, configuration, and maintenance. Technological advancements allow the operator to exhibit a high performance huge open and close cycles. It also has a critical lockable manual release for access I power outages and during troubleshooting. The operator applies in residential, commercial, farm and ranch settings.


The Apollo 4300SW residential swing gate operator is a high quality, innovative and reliable operator used in commercial and residential applications. The operator is very easy to install and has a large display that can show the status of the operator and allow easy detection of failures and therefore an early response. The control unit has several features like seven-day programming and protection against electric shocks in the vent of excessive current flow. Besides this, the operator also can hold programmable connections to external accessories like lights, keypads, among others. It also comes with two gel batteries for back up.


The Apollo 4500SW commercial swing gate operator is another quality and reliable operator for both commercial and residential applications. It is easy to install, program and uses the newest technology from the leading gate opener manufacturer. Its control unit has unique features like seven-day programming, protection against electric shocks and its ability to be programmed to allow connections from external devices. The operator also comes with a back up gel batteries, also being solar capable. The solar capability saves on electricity bills and ensures there is no downtime.


Use this single swing gate opener to operate gates up to 16 ft and 600 lbs. Recommended for residential, farm and ranch applications.

The 1550ETL-1k features the advanced 1050 circuit board that offers a variety of new features in the Apollo gate openers. With the optional 12V battery, you can now charge your gate opener with solar power! When you use the sun’s energy to move your gate, you save money. Solar panels and regulators are easily installed on new or existing barriers.

This opener can be used in the push to open or pull to open mode. This means it is possible to install the actuator either inside or outside the gate, regardless of the hinge in the left or right direction of gate swing. Are you worried about weather protection? The operator’s durable housing is made of weather-resistant NEMA 3R and won’t scratch, rust or crack.


The Apollo 72001k commercial slide gate operator is suitable for high-end retail and light industrial uses. The operator can operate single slide gates with a length of up to 25ft and 800lbs. It can be mounted after the gate has already been put up and is easy to install on existing gates .it allows for reasonable adjustments of the limit switches and fixed with an internal quick release system for manual operation. The portal operates electrically, but the optional 12v battery you can charge the gate opener using solar power. This cuts your expenditure further. Apollo Gate openers have unique features like LCD for easy programming, diagnosis and troubleshooting, obstacle detection system and protection against power surges. They are also corrosion resistant.


The Apollo 72001k –Dual operator is also another of the newest electromagnetic gate operators, highly recommended for heavy duty residential uses and light commercial uses. It is more advanced, with a capacity to operate dual slide gates as long as 25 ft. Long and 800lbs. Often mounted on new gates or already existing slide gates with a lot of ease.  The operator is electrically run, but if it employs the 12v battery, then you can use solar energy.

Moreover, the operator has LCD for ease of programming, diagnosis and trouble detection. Furthermore, this particular operator has master-slave management that allows for two motors working together and an efficient battery charging management system. To add to this, Apollo gate openers are resistant to corrosion and can be programmed to allow external inputs.

Apollo 7200-1K Dual Slide Gate Opener


The Apollo 7300ETL is the improved version of the 7300ETL-IL with a new 1050 control board that brings with it a wide range of advanced control features. It operates gates of up to 25feet long and 800lbs. The operator is recommended for heavy-duty residential and commercial uses. The operator moves the gate a foot per second. Among the unique features the operator has are an AC Trickle Charger or solar panel and a complete line of radio transmitters and receivers. It also has either wired or wireless digital keypad and exit buttons.  Moreover, the operator has telephone entry systems and three-button control stations. They also have exit probe detectors and photocell detectors.

Apollo 7300ETLDual-IL-1K Slide Gate Operator for Commercial Uses

The Apollo7300ETL Dual-IL-1K gate operator is allowed for the operation of a double slide gate. The new advanced 1050 control board gives the operator a variety of advanced features.

Apollo 7300ETL-IL-Slide Gate Operator


Like any other Apollo gate openers, the 8300SL has fantastic features that distinguish it from other brands in the market. This slide gate operator system is suitable for commercial and residential use. This operator is easy to program, has an innovative obstacle detection system, solar power compatible, to mention a few of the benefits. Nonetheless, the gate operator is budget-friendly and comes with two gel batteries for quick and easy battery backup. Similar to other Apollo gate operators, the 8300SL has a solar panel that keeps the battery charged even in a blackout situation.

Apollo 8300SL slide gate operator


In the same fashion, Apollo 8500SL is a universal control unit gate operator with  LCD for easy programming, new innovative obstacle detection system, seven day times, master management for two control units and more. This gate operator is suitable if you are looking for residential and commercial applications. Even more, the operator accommodates massive sliding gates of up to 1500 pounds and 35ft long.

Apollo 8500SL slide gate operator


The L-bar Apollo gate openers are a new product in the market which includes an XBA17 foundation plate kit, and is capable of handling long barrier arms of up to 29.5 ft. to spice on, the barrier gate operator comes in a steel case with protective coating treatment and paint finish. For this reason, the operator is weather resistant and very strong. Uniquely, the L-bar system sets to stand when not in use to significantly reduce power consumption. Moreover, this operator is blackout free since it comes with emergency backup batteries housed inside the gate operator case. The L-bar barrier gate operator is suitable for private and commercial traffic gate barriers with heavy trucks access.

Apollo LBAR-L bar barrier gate operator


The M-Bar barrier gate operator is the new electromechanical barrier system for road access control from Nice Apollo. The M3BAR is capable of handling barrier arms up to 9.8 feet with a foundation plate and comes in a steel case with protective treatment and paint finish that makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, this gate operator contains a 24VDC operator motor with a built-in control unit, two built-in loop detectors that give it excellent features for residential, commercial and traffic barrier gates. In like manner, M3BAR M-bar has XBA3/U control band which is very convenient for monitoring your barrier gates.

Additionally, this M-bar series has intelligent control capabilities. The good thing with this Apollo M-bar barrier gate operator is that it is constructed in a steel structure with high strength, thereby balancing springs. For this reason, we guarantee you up to 1,000,000 opening and closing operations.

Apollo M3BAR M-bar barrier gate operator


Like other M-bar Apollo barrier systems, this barrier gate operator is the new advanced barrier system for road access control from Apollo. Again, the M5BAR is capable of supporting barrier arms up to 13.1 feet or 16.5 feet with a foundation plate and comes in a steel case with protective treatment and paint finish. Furthermore, Apollo gate openers are durable and reliable and come with several features which makes it safe in programming and maintenance. Highlights are bottomless in this barrier gate operator, and involves obstacle detection and monitoring during automation movement and make this gate operator extraordinarily convenient and safe for heavy traffic areas. M5BAR M-bar Apollo gate operator is flawless and blackout free that serves during emergencies. Also, these barrier gate systems have a power supply of 24VDC, the work cycle of 350 cycles per hour, therefore, allows for continuous periods throughout day and night.

Apollo M5BAR M-bar barrier gate operator


This is a less complicated M-bar system however useful for controlling entry and exit in areas with high traffic. The Apollo M7BAR M-bar has a 24VDC powered motor that actuates the barrier gate to open, while also providing a soft stop/lift operation. Even better, the operator accommodates long barrier arms of up to 16.5 fee, 19.7ft or 23ft including an XBA16 foundation plate kit for convenient service. Notably, this gate operator sets to standby when not in use to significantly lower power consumption. Equally, the Apollo M7BAR m-bar is blackout free and has a lower working cycle of 200 cycles per hour, relatively lower compared to M5BAR M-bar system. With a gate weight potential of up to 187.5lbs, this barrier gate system operates at 6inches per second, therefore allowing easy access at entry points.


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