13th July 2024

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Aluminium Fence Services

Secure Your Home or Business With Aluminium Fences.

It is a key agenda for any homeowner to ensure that they feel safe in their own home. In the quest to achieve top grade security, there is the option of installing a gate. A strong gate is useless if the fence is porous. You, therefore, don’t need a gate, but a fortress that puts the barrier between you and the thugs. Aluminium fences not only provide the security but are also durable. Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences is here to deliver the aluminium fence services you wish for.

With our aluminium fence services, we present a unique look of the traditional wrought-iron in low-maintenance aluminium.

Strong features of our aluminium fences

High-strength alloy

When making our aluminium fences, we are keen to use aluminium that is as strong as steel, but rust resistant. In doing so, we use the Ultrium alloy that has the strength of up to 35000psi.

Stainless fasteners

Since the fences are placed outside, we take the effort of assembling the aluminium parts using stainless fasteners. The fasteners increase the structural integrity and strength of the fence.

Welded connections

All joints are completely welded. This ensures that the fence is strong enough to withstand the inflexibilities of daily use. Welding also protects the parts from exposure to harsh environments.

Coat finish

After the assembly, fastening and welding of the parts to form the aluminium fence, it is then coated with a powder coat finish. The powder coat has twice the thickness and hardness of the regular acrylic, baked enamel, making the fence more durable and resistant to fading.


With the additional 20% aluminium materials we offer, our aluminium fences have stood the test of time. With the fences offering the same amount of security and protection, we have different colours for the gates to go with the colour of your house.

Why fences from Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences aluminium fence service providers?

Simple Aluminium Fence installation

Since the fence is already assembled at the factory, they are easier to install on site. The simplicity in installation, which is a key design element, has seen us take our position proudly as the number one aluminium fence service providers.

Quality and strength

With all our products containing an extra 20% aluminium, you can rest assured that we only have the strongest high quality aluminium gates for you. The screws are also fastened and welded, making them extremely hard to pull.

Tested toughness

Before delivery of the aluminium fence to your home, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences’s experts carry out an intensive test to ensure that the structure has no cracks or structural deformations. The tests go a long way to ensure that the designs we present only contribute to the stronger structural integrity of your aluminium fence.

Among the aluminium fence service we provide is the repair, maintenance and replacement of broken parts. We make and supply ornamental aluminium fences, gates, rails among others in our system of contractors and landscapers. Our low maintenance aluminium fences bring out the elegant aspect of your home, office an industry.

Some of the aluminium fence services we provide include:

Residential aluminium fencing- for homes, we provide low-maintenance, strong, long-lasting decorative fences with a classy rough look that only emphasizes the beauty of your home.

Commercial aluminium fencing

For commercial spaces, we provide fences of custom heights and lengths that change in grade along the property. For commercial aluminium fences, we have a whole catalogue on our commercial fencing series. Check them out.

Pool Aluminium fences

At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, we provide aluminium fence services, among which is pool fencing. According to the BOCA swimming pool safety regulations, we provide fences with the right dimensions, space, and opening mechanisms.

Aluminium privacy fences

Strong, beautiful and low maintenance aluminium fences are what we present as privacy fences. They are ideal as they do not rack, rot, wobble or peel with time. At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, we design the private fences to last long with the least maintenance.

Having been in the industry for quite some time now, we know what our clients want and what they don’t. This way, we are better off at providing quality services for them. For the aluminium fence services, they are a full package, from the purchase to the installation and the rare maintenance services.

We are affordable, to all property owners. You, therefore, don’t have to live in fear. Contact us today for a top grade, secure, strong, low-maintenance, and durable aluminium fence.