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 Electric Gate Repair and Installation Company Aptos CA
Super automatic gate is Almost Here.

Why Driveway Gates?

Get a driveway gate for more safety & privacy. Secure your property and increase the value of your home or business

Play automatic gate, start living.

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Aptos, CA

Electric Gate Repair and Installation Company Aptos CA

Electric gate Repair in Aptos, CA

Professional gate automation in Bay Area
The best gate automation technology. Battery, or solar powered electric gates in Bay Area.

Electric gates help you to decide whom to enter your property.

They use minimum electricity and are convenient since they are not manually operated.

A high-quality electric gate increases the curb appeal of your home.

Cheaper home insurance premiums are another good reason to install an electric gate around your property.

We specialize in durable, high quality and.

Besides, we are the best gate contractors to call for automatic gates and electric gate repair in Aptos, CA.

liftmaster gate opener

Gate Repair & Installation in:

Aptos, CA

Automatic gate repair in Aptos, CA

We work together with our customers to ensure their automatic gates are precisely what they need.

Residential Driveway Gates
Are you looking for the best gates for your home? Call us for the best gates with advanced security.

We offer a free consultation and expert advice to clients who want automatic gate repair in Aptos, CA.

Our automatic gates and fences range from the simple to highly ornate features.

We add materials such as copper and wood to enhance privacy and a unique look.

We have two-year labor and materials warranty on any steel construction.

Lastly, we advise on routine maintenance for proper operation of the automatic gates along with professional Automatic gate repair in Aptos, CA.

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Automatic Gate Repair in:

Aptos, CA

Driveway gate Installation in Aptos, CA

Wooden Residential Gates in Bay Area
Reinforced wooden gates with steel bars to enhance its lifespan and years of services. Gate repair in Bay Area

Most people assume that driveway gates are applicable in large estates, industrial and commercial settings.

However, it is crucial to install a driveway gate to your residential property.

Driveway gates and Fences ensure only personnel with authorized access can enter the building.

Therefore, they prevent theft and invasion of intruders making a premise secure.

We have a range of designs, materials, and sizes of driveway gates.

We install, maintains and repairs driveway gates for all purposes at an unbeatable price.

Front gate Repair

Consider giving your residential, commercial or industrial property an exotic look by the installation of our front gates.

They are affordable, of high quality and ensure added security to your premise.

We have a wide range of designs for our front gates, and you can also add features you prefer.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and make sure they get what they order.

Security gates

Residential Driveway Gates
Wrought iron double swing gates for residential and small businesses. Give us a call for the best gates in Bay Area

These gates come in different designs, styles, and sizes. Our Company offers repair, maintenance, and installation services at pocket-friendly prices.

We install devices such as reinforcements and cameras to our gates.

Security gates enhance a business and home unique class and style.

Security gates come in all sizes and combine capabilities with decorative features.

We are the leading suppliers of security gates in both residential and commercial areas.

Entry gate repair

We can custom build a client’s entry gate in any size and design from classic to contemporary.

At Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences, our gates include both hinged and sliding motions.

Our experts’ design wrought iron entry gates that only need a seamless installation.

We offer extra services from remote entry devices to telephone entry systems at affordable prices.

These gates come as either manual or automated.

Gate installation

For reliable, long-lasting and flawless gate installation, you need experts.

We have performed many gate installations over the years hence our experience.

Commercial Slide Gates in Bay Area
One of the best commercial slide gates in Bay Area. Call us for reliable commercial gate services in greater CA.

We work closely with a team of the highly skilled technical team that installs your gate at the space that you desire within a short timeframe.

Most importantly, we are affordable, and our team is customer friendly.

We have a variety of gates designs, materials, and sizes and install them based on our clients’ budgets.

Additionally, our gates are robust, durable and resistant to rust due to their high-quality material.

Fence contractors in Aptos

We install, repair and maintain fences in both residential and commercial areas.

Our fence contractors are full of experience in installation, repair, and maintenance.

We deal with both exterior and interior fencing at cost-effective prices.

Additionally, we offer School fencing, fencing for military airfields, prisons and so on.

No Matter what you need, our team can create a custom-built fence for all security levels and needs.

In addition, we fully license and ensure our services.

As much as the cost of installation is essential, the quality of installation determines how often we will do maintenance.

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Fabrication - Installation - Repair & Maintenance

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

gate opener services

Gate Opener
Repair & Installation

Our team is expert in all brands of gate openers. We do installations, repairs & maintenance service.

fabrication & welding repair service

Fence & Gate
Fabrication, Repair & Installation

We can fix any broken fence or build a new one from scratch. Our team is highly skilled with all fabrication jobs to be done.

Opening Systems

Opening Systems
Repair & Installation

Get the top notch security system for your house or business. Keypads, Bio-metric entry, security cameras, telephone entry and more.

driveway gates

Driveway Gate
Repair & installation

We do all driveway gate repairs & installations. Wooden driveway gate or Iron driveway gate, no job is too small or big.

custom driveway gates

Custom Driveway Gates

Do you need a custom gate job to be done? No problem. We will build you the gate you're dreaming of.

solar power driveway gates

Solar Powered Gate Openers
Repair & Installation

Go green! Solar powered gate openers are efficient. No Need In Trenching Or Running New Power Line. Remote controlled.

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At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we create the highest quality wood and metalwork gates and fences for both residential and commercial market. We have experience in gate design, fabrication, and gate installation in Aptos, CA of a variety of gates and fences. Additionally, we take pride in our work but also understand customer satisfaction. We integrate our gate repair in Aptos, CA according to clients’ needs. We coat our metals with hundred percent powder to make them chip, corrosion and chemical resistant. Our range of fences includes aluminum fences, steel fences, chain link fences, and wood fences.
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Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

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