3rd March 2024

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Install an Additional Layer of Security With Aluminium Driveway Gates in Bay Area.

Aluminum Driveway Gates in Bay Area in San Jose

Driveway gates are one of the major investments a homeowner can have. Having quality driveway gates means that your property is well secured. This gives you the peace of mind that you need even when you far away from your home. There are very many types of driveways gates that one can install. All of them with their merits and demerits. Nowadays, the best gate one can install is the aluminum driveway gate in Bay Area.

Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences is the best company that offer installation repair and any other services required for aluminum driveway gates in the Bay area. Apart from rendering the services, they also sit with their clients to listen to what their preferences are. This way, they are able to use their expertise to deliver quality services, at the same time satisfying their clients wants. They have a team of competent and fully devoted whizzes to delivering faultless and magnificent services to their customers.

Benefits of aluminum driveway gates in Bay Area.

  • Aluminum driveway gates are the best options with their many merits that come along with them. Apart from being durable, they have lightweight which make them ultimate for large gates.
  • Using these gates means that you do not have to worry about frequent sagging and misalignment problems.
  • They are also very affordable compared to other types of driveway gates.
  • To add to all this, they are resistant to rust, warp, cracks, they neither dry up nor get soaked up by water. Thus cuts on the maintenance costs.
  • Also, aluminum can easily be molded to any shape or style that you like. This way you can customize them and make very unique driveway gates that will match your taste and add to the elegance of your homestead.
  • They have a tough coating that makes them durable. This coating can be in a wide range of colors and texture finishing such as wood looking styles.

Apart from adding to the elegance and beauty of your home, aluminum gates also play an important role in securing your home. For this reason, it is important that you choose a gate that best suits your premises. This means in terms of model, shape, and size. Therefore, you need a professional who can help you make the right decision. This professional should also be in a position to customize it to quality and a great design that pleases you.

Types of aluminum driveway gates in Bay Area.

There are two major types of aluminum driveway gates in Bay area. Namely.

Single driveway gates.

These aluminum driveway gates only require one automatic opener. For this reason, they are very affordable. For their installation, you require a 12ft swing distance for a 12ft gate. They are heavier than the double aluminum gate since the entire workload is mounted on one post.

Double driveway gates.

These gates are lighter compared to the single driveway gates since they have two posts to support the workload mounted on them. They also require a shorter swing distance, whereby, a 12ft gate requires only 6ft swing distance. Thus they consume lesser space. Due to their lightweight, their shipping cost is also down. When using an automatic double gate, you will require to install two opener motors to run it. These gates give your place a more traditional look especially when they open from the center. These gates are ideal for backyards, pool areas, storage facilities, entries for schools, hospitals and other places that require a wider enclosure.

Aluminum driveway gates in Bay Area can also be used together with automatic gates system. This makes them more effective. Whether sliding or swinging gates, they can be operated by a remote. This way it is less cumbersome for you since you do not have to get out of your vehicle to open or close the gate.

When selecting the aluminum gate that fits your taste best, you can use the aluminum gate pricing tool. This way, you can cut the costs of involving a professional and still get what you want. This tool helps you to select and also gives the approximate price for that particular gate.

To get your aluminum driveway gate in Bay Area, Contact Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, the best aluminum driveway company in bay area. We deliver quality and outstanding services to our clients, at the same time, helping you safeguard the first impression to your visitors.


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