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Commercial Security Gates

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Whether we are speaking about at home or the place of business, security is always top of the list when it comes to any building. When people have a sense of security, they tend to be better people, and generally more productive. When it comes to security and premises access, gates come in handy. They are most convenient for controlling vehicular access on and off the property. These commercial security gate systems have a design such that all vehicles accessing a site have to pass through the gate. 


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In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

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There are about six types of commonly used barriers. Each one has their own merits and weaknesses, but each is quite efficient depending on the utility.


This type of gate closely resembles the slide gates but with a critical difference. They don’t use rollers that slide along the ground. Instead,  you use rails running on the inside of the fence structure to support the gate. Because of this, the cantilever gate needs to be much more extensive than the slide gate to accommodate the counterbalance. Since the counterweight does all the supporting, elements such as friction and obstruction become history. As a result, they are suitable for heavy-duty and industrial applications.


These commercial gates are sometimes called the “V-latch gates” or “rolling gates”. They are perhaps the most commonly used gate by light-duty commercial applications to manage access to the premises. In this setting, you mount a sliding gate parallel to the fence along the inside wall. This way, sliding back and forth between across the opening is simple and directed. The commercial gate utilizes rollers usually along a metal track and chains to bring about motion. Although it is an inexpensive installation, sometimes, debris, ice or snow block its movements.


They are usually referred to as speed gates because of the time it takes to open and close. Consisting of two panels hinged together which fold back onto themselves to give access. When space is limited, bi-folding gates are an excellent choice. They can also come in handy in places with a lot of vehicular traffic such as school, banks, and staff car parks.


This type of commercial gate has hinges on one side and then swings open and shut like a door. They usually turn on a 90-degree vector between their open and closed positions. We customize these gates, in that you can give the gate many leaves for better control. Because of the ease of installation and subsequent low cost, they are a favorite for some commercial applications.  Given the commercial use, the users would benefit from safety considerations such as sensors to prevent people from being hit or trapped by them.

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These are essential to provide guests and delivery drivers a way to communicate with someone on the inside when the gate shut. Since they allow for remote opening, once you confirm the identity of the person on the other end,  you can let them in.

Commercial Security Gates


To gain access through a commercial security  gate system, you need a device that authenticates identity. These include card readers, digital keypads, vehicle tag readers and portable wireless transmitters. In many commercial installments,  when using an opening system, the same card that gives you access to the building often opens the gates.


In order to monitor things at the gate, you can use a security camera. You can quickly review the security footage later in case there are issues since the servers store them as they record. Additionally, you can use the system to verify the identity of someone at the gate.  Thus, providing further security at the entrance.

Some gates are expensive to install but offer more convenience regarding usage and accessibility. Although, they still need maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. That means that you must check on them from time to time to ensure that nothing is out of place.


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