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Commercial Chain Link Fences

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The need to keep away trespassers from your property has been imperative in the recent past. Nobody wants burglars accessing their property as they please. For this reason, we, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have come up with a solution. We install fences of all kinds. In this article though, we shall be talking about commercial chain link fences. Some people like putting up fences that block sight completely while others want you to see everything from outside the fence. This is what makes us human. We are dedicated to meeting your needs however small and that’s what has been keeping us in business for this long. Also, we have a variety of materials, coating, styles, and sizes to choose from. We are happy that our customers act as our evangelist. This comes as motivation for us.


Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

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Bay Area Automatic Gates offers 100% Client satisfaction. Our prices are reasonable and the service is above any expectation. Don't decide until you'll get a quote from us.


We render quality services with the help of our professional team. Commercial chain link fences are the best option when you want to secure a large area. We offer advice to our customers on what criteria to rely on when assessing their needs. We then give liberty to customers to make their final verdict and that’s what we deliver. Commercial chain link fences differ in material, strength, and styles. All these are to be considered before making the final decision. Most of our customers worry about the height, colors, and gauges of mesh fabric. Others have no clear idea of exactly what they need and that’s where we come in. We have skilled personnel to assess the needs of our customers and most of the time, customer feedback comes positive. Depending on the choice of chain link, we reinforce to ensure stability and durability.

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Commercial chain link fences require the proper installation technique. This reduces the risk of damage and firmness when it stands. We have fencing experts equipped with the proper knowledge and skills for the right installation. Below are the types of commercial fences we install.


This type of fence goes 6 foot high with a vinyl coating. It stands 50-200 feet off the road


We install these as perimeter fences surrounding business premises and company buildings.


This category includes tall fences with barbed wire. It also includes razor ribbons for added security.


As the name suggests, they are temporary and mobile. Mostly found in construction sites.


These are the commercial chain link fences meant to secure on-going projects like fish ponds and telecommunication towers.


Our name carries the very fact that we invest heavily on fencing. Our experience is unmatched and the services we provide are worthwhile. We install with the purpose of securing commercial property and also to enhance the fence’s appearance after a long time. Durability is a priority because you don’t plan to install today and start repairing the fence after a couple of weeks. Investing in a high-quality commercial fence keeps their condition good for a long time and thus reducing the need for repairs. These fences are built to withstand harsh weather conditions e.g. rain and snow. Other than repairing, we also do replacement where the need arises. We provide quality products to ensure the chain link serves as it did before the damage. We also provide our customers with direct hotlines to provide around the clock services. This also helps to hasten the response to any emergencies.

Being in this business for a long time, we are the right people for the job. Our team of professionals ensures that every customer need is met. You are just a call away from ensuring security for your property with long lasting solutions.


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