Frequently Asked Questions

Better security

This is a very helpful feature especially when you have pets and children. A lot of the time toddlers and pets tend to go past the perimeter of the home without supervision. However, when you have some electric gates installed, they do not open unless remotely triggered. As such, you get the peace of mind that your pets and loved ones are safe behind the gates.


Although many properties have many types of gates installed including wooden or iron gates. However, a lot of the times you will find the gates left open either intentionally or by mistake which defeats its purpose. Having automatic gates help in providing convenience no matter the conditions of the weather outside. At the press of a small button fitted in your car or house, you can automatically open and close your gates letting your visitors get in and out of your property with ease.

Resale value

Because of the comfort, security, and convenience these gates present, they usually tend to increase the value of the home. When someone is looking for a new home, this could be the deciding factor that helps them make up their minds.

Mostly, yes. However, there are some exceptions. The surroundings of the gate, how it was installed and the overall layout have a lot of clout when deciding whether the current gates you have can be automated. Our experts will take a couple of aspects into consideration. These are; the gate posts, the gate itself, its hinges, its leaf alignment and also mobility options to be able to determine how much the installation will coat and whether it is possible at all. Automating gates requires a lot of specialized skill that only professional gate installers have. Our professionals have training in geometrical alignment, wiring and programming the control panels to the home owner’s specifications. Our installers are further versed in electrical, civil and mechanical engineering skills to ensure that the gate is installed correctly.

Due to matters terrain, some properties have inclined driveways. An inclined driveway might cause a gate not to pen all the way. As such, you can opt to install the swing gates that move away from the property. It’s essential to ensure that you have the space for this since you don’t want to block a public highway. For this reason, when you have a sloping driveway, it makes sense to install a sliding gate. Here, you have the option to either go for the standard sliding gate or use the bi-sliding option that will give you more flexibility. However, your choices will largely be dictated by the space you are working with.

Sometimes the power can be unstable. Since these gates are electronically operated, the owners will need a different way to get in. During the installation process, homeowners are provided with standard release keys and instructions on how to release the automation system in the event of a power failure. Some options even come with a backup opportunity in terms of batteries to kick in when the systems go down. This creates a system that is a lot more secure. This way, you don’t have to worry about the security of your home or business property when there is a power outage.

Sliding gates

Also known as cantilevered gates, these gates are an excellent option for homes and businesses where space is limited or where you have a steep incline. Since they move from side to side on a track, they are easily scalable and thus usable in an industrial situation. When you use this type of gate, you have the added benefit of not having to level the ground. You will also save a few dollars without compromising on style or utility.

Lift Gates

These types of barrier gates are ideal for places where you are pressed for space. This particular model rises and lifts out making it very useful in urban centers where space is limited on either side of the gate. While you can install the gate on a residential property, they are more common on the commercial side of things.

Swing gates

Swing gates are mostly used in residential spaces where space is not a problem. Since these gates require a lot of space to open up, you cannot mince on the area allocated for the gate. Also, you will need to flatten out your gate area because these gates require a flat surface to work properly. This type is sturdy and very attractive since it gives manufacturers creative freedom.

System reliability is one of the core principles guiding the creation of these systems. However, just like everything else, you get what you pay for. The safety of your gate will largely depend on the quality of the components you are using, the environmental conditions and how well the build of the gates are. When the gates components are of good quality and the gate is installed by a professional and properly taken care of through the years, there is no reason the automatic gate shouldn’t last for years to come.

Since people install these automatic gates also for their security, almost every electric gate has an intercom system. While the basic one involves just sound where the visitor states who they are and why they have come, others might have a video link as well to verify that these are the people they claim to be. With the video link, you can also see how many people are about to come in and prevent an unwanted visitor.

Like most machines, these gates also need some care to continue functioning correctly over the years. These automatic gates can be serviced once or twice per year depending on how well you take care of them. Although these are significant services, you might want to occasionally lubricate the moving parts of the gate to make sure everything is working out smooth.

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