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 Electric Gate Repair and Installation Company Burlingame CA
Super automatic gate is Almost Here.

Why Driveway Gates?

Get a driveway gate for more safety & privacy. Secure your property and increase the value of your home or business

Play automatic gate, start living.

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Electric Gate Repair and Installation Company Burlingame CA

Electric Gate Repair in Burlingame, CA.

Our electric gates have advanced features such as keypads and remotes and electric opening mechanisms that grant access to authorized users only.

The remotes are custom-made and operate with only one gate.

At Bay Area automatic gates, we guarantee the replacement of remote controls in cases of damages.

This will enable a smooth flow of traffic in your premises.

We also repair and maintain electric gates when necessary. Even more, our automatic gates are an appealing feature for your home or commercial space.


liftmaster gate opener

Gate Repair & Installation in:

Burlingame ,CA

Automatic Gate Repair in Burlingame, CA

We offer an affordable and convenient supply of high-quality automatic gates that will provide security all the time.

Commercial Slide Gates
Commercial barrier slide gates with electric intercom and gate openers. Call us for repair installation and gate repair in Bay ARea

In the same fashion, they are extremely secure due to the complex security system and procedures required to gain access.

They are mostly for commercial and industrial purposes where security is highly recommended.

However, our automatic gate repair package also includes residential areas where there is less traffic.

We ensure customer satisfaction and even allow our clients to provide special orders for automatic gate repair.

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Automatic Gate Repair in:

Burlingame ,CA

With over 20 years of exclusively professional gates and fences, we have become industry experts for gates and fences installation, repair, and maintenance.

Residential Gates in Bay Area
Ornamental slide gates for homes and businesses. Save more space with one of our slide gates in Burlingame CA.

Most noteworthy, we keep up with technology to provide the most convenient gate operations.

Are you looking for the best gate opener and operators for your gates?

Look no further than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the best installation services over and beyond Burlingame CA.

Professional Gate Repair

Are you looking for the best fence and gate repair for your home?

Even more, a custom gate and fence for your business, apartment or private property?

Probably, you have an existing fence that is badly in shape.

You do not have to worry.

At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we have the exclusive dedication to providing the best gates and fences for your home and commercial spaces.

We have a large clientele of satisfied customers, who enjoy our wide range of services.

Even more, we pride ourselves on providing the best gates and Fences.

We provide our gates and fences Burlingame CA services exclusively in the following service areas.

These include Burlingame CA 94010, 94011.

Call us today for the best gates and fences. Below are some of our services;

Entry gates

Residential Gates in Bay Area, CA
Slide gates for your home. It provides more room for your manicured lawns. Call us for installation, repair, and maintenance.

It is well known that entry gates are the main providers of security, privacy, peace of mind and a beautifying factor to your home or commercial areas.

Therefore, we ensure your needs are met by providing you with quality entry gates that open by the use of the electric machines.

We have been in the industry for a long time and therefore in our accumulated knowledge, provide high-quality services to our customers.

In the same fashion, our staffs are highly experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing automatic entry gates.

At the same time, we ensure we maintain good relationships with our clients by hiring the best professionals who are experienced and use the latest technology and hardware tools.

Driveway gate in Burlingame, CA

Over the years, we have been ranked among the best for driveway gates installation and repair.

Driveway gates provide a stylish view of a premise as well as provide security into and out of a compound.

Driveway gates use modern technology suitable for use in both commercial and residential areas.

At Bay Area automatic gates, we offer you the best installation, maintenance and repair services that are of high standards and quality giving you no regrets.

Mostly, driveway gates are installed in schools, malls, and other premises. Call us for the best services.

Front gates

We design front gates that are both secure and efficient in providing security.

On top of that, our front gates are durable and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Front gates provide a balance between convenience and safety by controlling what and who has access to your property.

The technology used requires complex access details in order to allow any persons into your premises hence you no longer have to worry about your safety.

Unlike other gates, automatic front gates offer both comfort and security services.

Gate installation

Residential Swing Gates
Are you looking for long-lasting and strong gates for your home? Consider wrought iron gate installation

We offer a plethora of gate installation for commercial and residential gates.

Therefore our clients get to choose different designs, colors, and materials depending on their taste and budget.

Correspondingly, our gates are automated with keypads, exit wands, and fix.

This, in turn, ensures you don’t have the stray animals, intruders, and unauthorized personnel access your premises.

The keypads are durable and are built with the best material, as a matter of fact, they can withstand all weather conditions without being defective.

On contact, our staff is deployed in the shortest time possible hence we are quite efficient.

Fence contractors

More often than not, you need fence services when you want to install a gate on your premises.

As a security measure, fences add security to gates preventing unauthorized access to intruders.

Our fence services are fairly priced and depend on the materials used, fence size and design.

Most noteworthy, the team is highly dedicated and skilled hence will ensure you have a perfect fence.

Choose us for perfect quality fence installation in Burlingame, CA.

Fabrication - Installation - Repair & Maintenance

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

gate opener services

Gate Opener
Repair & Installation

Our team is expert in all brands of gate openers. We do installations, repairs & maintenance service.

fabrication & welding repair service

Fence & Gate
Fabrication, Repair & Installation

We can fix any broken fence or build a new one from scratch. Our team is highly skilled with all fabrication jobs to be done.

Opening Systems

Opening Systems
Repair & Installation

Get the top notch security system for your house or business. Keypads, Bio-metric entry, security cameras, telephone entry and more.

driveway gates

Driveway Gate
Repair & installation

We do all driveway gate repairs & installations. Wooden driveway gate or Iron driveway gate, no job is too small or big.

custom driveway gates

Custom Driveway Gates

Do you need a custom gate job to be done? No problem. We will build you the gate you're dreaming of.

solar power driveway gates

Solar Powered Gate Openers
Repair & Installation

Go green! Solar powered gate openers are efficient. No Need In Trenching Or Running New Power Line. Remote controlled.

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Do you have an existing fence that is damaged? Perhaps, it has been in existence for too long and is now in bad shape. We are the perfect candidate for the job. Call us today for the best fence repair services. We do not take chances in restoring the original shape of your gates and fences. Visit our offices today for the best quote on fence repair.

Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

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