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Top 3 gate openers in 2020

Gates & Fences in Hillsborough CA

A functional gate opener makes your life much more comfortable. No one wants to get out of his car to open the gate and close it after parking. 

This is why, in 2020, most California residents have an automatic gate. 

What should you be concerned about when choosing the right gate opener for your house or office?

Overall quality

Among the big and small brands of gate openers, there are differences between material quality, technology, efficiency, and functionally. 

You better know what you buy, ask about the motor material, the other accessories.  

There are many parts, ask which component is under warranty and which isn’t. Keep a record of your guarantee for any case. Some of the manufacturers provide 1-2years of warranty, while others might offer up to 5 years of warranty.

A gate opener for California weather

In this area of America, we are experiencing hot weather. You can read about this specification in the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Outdoor ability

In different than garage door openers, the gate openers should be water resistance. Though we live in California, we still experiencing some rain and humidity. 

Unlock your gate opener

It’s crucial to have an emergency button or switch. Whenever you are experiencing failure, you must be able to release and unlock the gate from electricity. 


You want to know the size of your gate before considering buying a new gate opener. Dimensions of your driveway will help as well. All of these will help you determine the best option for you.

Gate openers | operation

Nowadays, you can easily choose between a remote, card reader, finger thumb, biometric, or an app on your phone to operate the gate. 

You should get a gate opener that provides a solution that is perfect for you.

Price of a gate opener

The gate opener costs vary. Because the price is based on many variations, you should decide only after consulting a pro. Tell them your budget, and they’ll offer you different gate openers. 

Mighty Mule MM560

Might Mule MM560 California
Mighty Mule MM560 product review

The Mighty Mule mm560 is ideal for all gate types. Very easy to install yet robust and a leading market product. 

  • The 6th generation sensors. 
  • Can handle an 18 feet long gate, and up to 850lbs. Make it perfect for wood panels, vinyl, chainlink, and others.
  • Including gate opener remote
  • Solar capable
  • A year and half of the warranty
  • Great support

The MM560 automatic gate opener is a durable single swing entrance operator. It is manufactured for single swing gates with an optimum weight of 850 pounds as well as an elevation of 18 feet.

It can be looked for lots of applications such as agricultural or domestic setups as well as works with all entrance kinds including plastic, chain web link, panel, wood as well as tube gateways. It comes with a convenient push-button to open eviction within the confines of your lorry. Further security and safety are assured by Mighty Mule’s special Dual Sense technology, which abides by UL325’s 6th version requirements. It comes consisted of with a 12V 7 amp-hour battery, while individuals can also connect an additional 5 watts Mighty Burro solar panel (offered individually).

Liftmaster LA400PKGU

Liftmaster LA400PKGU
Gate opener review: Liftmaster LA400PKGU

Liftmaster is an old player in the gate openers field. If you are tired of push-button remotes, with this, you can start using an app on your smartphone to open, close, and analyze the gate operation. 

  • AC & Solar capable
  • High-quality battery for up to 97 days (400 cycles).
  • Operate via smartphone
  • Get notification directly to your phone whenever the gate is open or close. 
  • Can handle a 16 feet long gate, and up to 850lbs.

No doubt. The most expensive and durable gate opener in the market today. 

TDS2 – Heavy Duty Gate Opener

TDS2 gate opener
TDS2 Gate Opener Product Review

Gate opener for dual agricultural style gate or a tubular one. 

These ingenious gate opener systems were designed to be the premium option for house and property owners wanting to automate their gates while being the most convenient system to set up.

  • Initial driver arm with 6 ′ cable, as well as second driver arm with 30 ′ cord
  • Easy accessibility and also lockable system control box. Visit this site to see a video of the control box.
  • Ability to use a 12V Automotive battery (not included) or optional ABBT Battery Box Package (not included) that permits optimal efficiency in Solar Powered Installations
  • Can handle a 20 feet long gate, and up to 1000 lbs.

You can buy this gate opener by four different packages. 

  • One gate opener
  • One gate opener package with solar
  • Dual gate opener kit 
  • Dual gate opener set with solar. 
Bayarea AutomaticGates

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