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Automatic gate opener

Automatic gate opener

Enjoy The Convenience of Hassle-free Entry and Exit With an Automatic Gate Opener.

An automatic gate opener basically is a motorized arm that helps your gate open and close. A signal coming from a remote control or keypad tells the gates to open or close. Ideally, the automatic gate opener and the garage door opener work on the same principle. Upon clicking the provided transmitter, the signal is sent to a receiver box near the gate which then activates the circuit which opens up the gates.

Automatic gate opener are here to make our lives simpler and more convenient. However, the need for security guards at the gate to allow entry and exit of people and vehicles becomes redundant. These types of gates offer various purposes and for different fits and clientele needs. Because of that, the customer needs to figure out whether the gate opener will be for a pedestrian gate, garage door or driveway.

Having the best automatic gate opener in Bay Area will work wonders for you. Also, it puts your mind at ease regarding quality and durability of the product. To this end, a proper sliding, swinging or dual gate opener not only ascertains the beauty and order of the gate, but it also provides you with consistent, and reliable service. Installing automatic gate openers ideally is not a DIY job. It needs professionals who will handle the installation, testing and maintenance of the whole thing.

Types of automatic gate opener.

Essentially, there are three types of automatic gate openers in the market today. They are the sliding, swinging and dual gate automatic openers. Choosing the type of gate to employ comes down to a couple of factors. These are;

  • The gate’s frequency of use.
  • The gate’s length.
  • Amount of space available.
  • Materials used to make the gate.
  • If the gate continually has horizontal support and
  • Whether the gate is level and plumb.

Automatic gate opener

Let’s take a look into the depths of each of these automatic gate opener systems;

Using an Automatic gate opener with a Sliding Gate.

This is an automatic gate opener that slides the gate open and shut for people with access. This model has been a favorite for many people because of its ease of use, space requirements and security. Sliding gates do not need a lot of space to work perfectly thus leaving room in the driveway for other things such as extra parking. Furthermore, they can be used in terrains other gates would not be ideal for such as swing gates in a slope. The gate is placed on a track which it rolls through as it opens and closes.

An Automatic gate opener on a Swing Gate.

The swing system unlike its counterpart requires plenty of space to be effective since the gate has got to be allowed to fully open and close during entry and exit. This system is popular for residential purposes than it is for commercial. Hat can be attributed to the strain and wear the swing system has for gates. Aesthetically speaking, swing gates are very attractive. However, because of its low resistance to pushing forces, it’s less secure than the sliding openers.

Automatic dual gates

This is the most commonly used gate opener for business and residential use. They comprise of dual transmitters, dual control boards, one interface for master and slave applications, two photocells and dual receivers. They are a favorite at business properties because not only are they quick to open, they also require a small space to work. Although a little bit more costly, they are more elegant and functional.

Various methods to open driveway gates

Driveway gates can be opened in several ways. Some of the most popular are;

Remote entry

This method works by way of a remote which the owner presses when he nears the gate. The radon signal is transmitted to the receiver box giving it the open command. After the person is through, repeating the procedure closes the gate behind them. The weakness to them is that remotes can be stolen, cloned or lost making them a bit less secure.

Using a card

For commercial clients such as apartment building, this sort of entry is quite ideal. The cards are chipped so that the user only needs to ta the card on the receiver or swipe it to be let through. This method eliminates the needs for batteries which can be problematic in remote entry.


This is a slightly more secure option from the two previously mentioned. Since the gate has been programed to open only if the correct number is punched in, anyone without the code cannot be granted entry or exit off the premises.

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