3rd March 2024

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Electric Driveway Gates in Bay Area

Commercial Driveway Gates

Top Residential and Commercial Security With Electric Driveway Gates in Bay Area.

Commercial Driveway Gates

Securing your home or business is very critical. Therefore, you need to put a barrier between your premises and the outside. Having to automatically or remotely operate the gating system is an added bonus. The installation of electric driveway gates is one of the most efficient ways of securing your home and making your work easier. Moreover, you do not have to open the gate, drive in or out and cater close the gate manually. Bay area automatic gates provide electric driveway gates in Bay area that are sure to satisfy the needs of any homeowner.

The Best Company for Electric Driveway Gates in Bay Area.

Bay area automatic gates provide electric driveway gates in Bay area with the technology that enables them to act smart. For instance, the electric driveway gates have different components such as automatic gate opener and safety edges that detect obstacles. These could be along the path of the gate and send a signal to the main board. The gate then stops automatically preventing it from crushing. Additionally, they have warning devices such as flashlights and audible sirens that provide additional warnings about the operation of the gates.

If you are planning on installing an electric driveway gate in Bay area, Choose Bay area automatic gates. We help build driveway gates that are of high quality and service, while still easy to use and secure. Even more, we provide maintenance and repair services for the already existing electric driveway gates. Electric driveway gates require high maintenance as they are constantly exposed to climatic fluctuations. Which may lead to wear and tear of the parts. Some of our services encompass welding and gate alignment. At Bay area automatic gates we are a reliable and available partner to work with as for 24/7 services.

Types of electric driveway gates.

Sliding gate

These are electric gates that slide automatically from left to right or right to left. They have a rail of length slightly greater than your driveway on which they slide on to fully open the gate. The slide gates come in:

V-track sliding gates

They are common and reliable. V-track sliding gates are however not suitable for places that experience snow build up as the v-rails require cleaning of debris at all times.

Rear pipe track sliding gates

These are gates that have a rubber wheel at the end and at the front is a wheel carriage assembly. The gate wheels slide through a ground track to open.

Cantilever gate slide

These are the best gates for places that experience snow and ice buildup. This is because they do not require wheels to slide on and therefore slide over the driveway without alterations from the debris.

Swing gates

These are gates that have a motor which operate with a remote. When the press of a button on the remote, the gate swings to one side to allow entry or exit into the premises. They are applicable in flat places with sufficient space.

Barrier gates

These are electric gates in driveways of business premises mainly to control traffic. When pressed, the barrier arm is lifted up to allow vehicles to enter or exit the premises.

Vertical pivot gates

They work with the same principle as the barrier gates, but now instead of lifting the arm, the hefty steel gate is lifted in the air to allow in and out movement of the cars into the building.

Electric driveway gates in Bay area are common as they are advantageous in increasing your property value. They also raise the security level for the property and improve convenience to your home. Moreover, it provides a luxurious and elegance element. They also aid to reduce the insurance premiums.

Why Choose us For Electric driveway Gates in Bay Area Service.

Our extensive experience in the field of installation and repair of electric driveway gates in Bay area, makes us the perfect choice. We exhibit high levels of professionalism and great customer service.

With our governing principles of ensuring customer satisfaction, we make it our duty to ensure maximum customer involvement. From consultation of their preferable designs, size and materials to providing just the right suggestions. Over the years, we have become the ultimate solution to homeowners who are looking to install electric driveway gates in Bay area.

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