3rd March 2024

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Wrought iron gate & fence styles

Ornamental Gate Repair


Whenever you walk into a workshop looking for a gate, you want the best. You want a gate that not only completes your landscape but also adds value and security to your property. And when a client walked into our workshop looking for the same, we are proud to say we did not disappoint. He wanted a wrought iron gate and fence that could complement his new home. We could not just give him a design without seeing his home. From the photos he had, we already had a couple of the styles for him to choose from.

  • The designs he saw includes:
  • The classy arched top style
  • The wood and iron combo wrought iron gate
  • The double rail straight top style
  • The ornamental style wrought iron gate and fence, and finally the
  • Closed metal

    wroght iron gate
    Wrought iron gate repair & installation

When he was worried that he wanted more than one design, we went ahead to present an option of making one for him. The custom made gate seemed to intrigue him. However, he still had to choose the features he wanted to be in his custom-made gate. Also, he went ahead to insist that his gate had to be classy, safe, and long-lasting. Besides a low maintenance wrought iron gate, he also wanted one he could afford.

Wrought iron is elastic and can make many elegant designs. These styles can bring out a modern, traditional, or a classy look to your property. You can also customize this material to unique shapes and forms. However. There are some common wrought iron gates and fences people install in their property. They include;

Arched top

This design brings out a classy appeal since they were prominent in Greece and Rome. They were used to make significant buildings in ancient times in these two towns. Arched tops styles give you a wide range to choose from. This includes a simple arch that spans across a double gate and an elegant semi-circle at the top of your gate. Also, you can choose the double rails which have simple circles or pickets in between. The arches can be pointed at the top to provide more security or an elaborate top if you live in a more secure place.

Straight top style

You can also decide to go for a straight top rather than an arched one. This style can also come in a double rail at the top just like the arched top style. However, the working between the rails tend to be simpler but can come with a geometric grid pattern in some gates. Since this style does not bring a slippery slope arch, it mostly has sharp finials for added security. This style gives your home a modern look.

Ornamental style

iron gate in bay area
wrought iron gate

Specialists working on wrought iron sometimes add some personalized designs, patterns, and arcs when making these gates and fences. Although wrought iron cutting is nowadays done using machines, there is still room for the customized touch. You can he gate customized and have some ornaments like leaves, medallions or birds, whatever you want to be added on it. These ornaments are then coated with powder-like gold-topped to bring out precise details. Depending on the decorations you choose, you can bring out a modern, traditional or unique look to your property.

Closed metal

Often, many wrought iron gates have spaces between the iron posts. These spaces have pickets that provide easy visibility to the compound and even to the outside world. If you want to enjoy more privacy, closed metal style is then one to go for. The pickets and ornament workings in this style are more or less the same as the other styles only that there is a metal sheet to back the gate. This way, the spaces are covered. The metal chosen should complement the gate for the best result.

Wood and iron

Apart from closed metal, incorporating wood in a wrought iron gate is another way of ensuring you get some privacy. Wooden picket is a feature that some wrought iron gates possess. These gates then have ornamental tops that create a decorative hinge to the wooden posts. A wood and iron gate can give a traditional look when it has ornamental iron and hinges. With a classic bold iron frame and straight wooden slats that have a stunning finishing, it would bring out a modern look.

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