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What You Need to Know About Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought Ornamental Gate

All About Wrought iron gates

Owning a wrought iron gate assures you of not only security but also a classic look for your home. However, it not maintenance-free and come in different designs. So, when a client wanted to install one, he found himself at crossroads. What do you do when you have a wrought iron gate for your home? What are the basics to know so that you maintain your gateway as good as new? Then, how do you choose the style of gate you want? That is why we are here. When he came into our offices to ask for our opinion, being experts dealing with wrought iron, we had a lot to offer. We explained to him regarding the painting, how to choose a design, and the basics. We also told him of how to hire a contractor to supply the gate and even the benefits of having a wrought iron gate.

Choosing the right wrought iron gate for your home

Some of what we cover when it comes to wrought iron gates include:iron gate repair in Vallejo, CA

  • Wrought iron or mild steel gates
  • Hand-worked or cast iron?
  • A classy wrought iron gate
  • Maintenance of a wrought iron gate

Wrought iron or mild steel gates

Despite the availability of a wide selection of barriers in the market, the wrought iron gates carry with them a sense of history and luxury. However, finding genuine wrought iron in the market is a tough thing to do now. Most of the gates, marketed as wrought iron, are mild steel. The mild steel gate will be less expensive compared to a wrought one. However, it is tough to tell the two gates apart. However, if you are going to pay for a wrought iron gate, then you must get the gate you are paying for.

Contrary to the normal behavior of iron to rust when exposed to water and air, wrought iron gates are strong and durable. This is because they are sealed to prevent rusting, hence increasing their lifespan. Besides, most iron gates comprise of iron from old bridges, rail tracks, while others have raw iron.

Hand-worked or cast iron?

Iron gates involve molding as part of their manufacturing process. The metal melts, and is placed in a mold, then allowed to cool. That is how most gates are cast, hence enabling mass production, and consequently, a lower cost of production. On the other hand, a hand-worked wrought iron gate is one that with careful crafting. As a result of the acts of handworks by experts in wrought iron, the outcome is a gate that is stronger and more resistant to rust. Despite the hand-worked entrance being a little more expensive than the cast one, you can be sure it is one of a kind ad can customize it to fit your needs at home.

A classy wrought iron gate

wrought iron gate
wrought iron gate

One of the primary reasons why people go for the wrought iron gate is because of the elegant look it adds to the home, rather than its modern style. It is old material, hence would fit in well in a home where people appreciate antiques. The wrought iron can compliment hardwood and stones. It can also supplement brick, concrete, and any other building materials. The authentic and rustic look brings an old classy appearance to your home, making you stand out among your neighbors. Whether you want the gate on a driveway, garden, or front door, the wrought iron is fit to bring a traditional look to the contemporary home at any time.

Maintenance of a wrought iron gate

In the past, when one realized that their entrance was wearing out,

they would let the iron rust, especially if there was little or no maintenance. However, having invested in a hand-worked the wrought iron gate, or a cast gate, then you need to take action to preserve the integrity and strength of your gate. When you start to see some red-brown color or paint chipping off your gate, then it is time for that maintenance routine. When you call an expert to take a look at the old damaged gate, they can give it a new life. All they need to do is strip off the paint on the surface, and seal the remaining metallic part. This way, the gate not only gets a new feeling but also extends its lifespan.

A good quality wrought iron gate goes a long way in not only improving the curb appeal of your home but also making it an elegant, higher-priced property in the market. If you need to know anything about these gates and many more, then reach out to Bay Area gates for more information.

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