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Types of fences

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How To Choose The Right Fences for Your Home.

A client called us to ask about the types of fences that best suits his new building. We had a multitude of options to present to him based on material, make and even the installation. We explained the different types of gates we had. After visiting his site, we were able to determine what the best was for him. Since he was near a road, we got the fencing plans for his home. We eliminated choices that could pose risks to neighbors and went ahead to check out other options. To make his final decision, he asked about the materials we use to make our fences. We presented the list of gates we make, and he finally settled on one. He wondered if the gate could be customized for his home and in less than a week, we delivered the gate to his home.

Types of fences

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There are a variety of fences you can choose to install at your premises. It is always good to take time before deciding on the type of fence you want around your home. This is because installing a fence is quite expensive, and it’s not something you want to keep doing every year. Besides, the fence you choose will have a significant impact on your home’s exterior design and, most importantly, security. Fences come in different materials. Let’s have a look at the different fences that you can install at your place;

  • Aluminum fencing
  • Wood fencing
  • PVC fencing
  • Wrought-iron fencing
  • Electric fencing
  • Chain-Link fences and so much more.

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is a basic fence that will give your home an elegant look. While this fence will not provide you with the high levels of security you might want, it will give your place a stunning landscape. Besides, it is effortless to maintain. You only need to paint and decorate the fence during installation, and that’s it. If you are looking for a sturdy fence, this is not the fence to go for.

Wood fencing

This is by far the most popular fencing installed in many homes. Wood fencing meets the privacy levels that any homeowner would be looking for due to its tall height. Also, with the array of options in the market, you may find yourself a wood fence that makes your home attractive. Wood fencing is cheaper to install and also to purchase. However, the price increases with an increase in the height and size of the fence. Also, the tree used to make the fence will make the price vary. Hardwood fences are more expensive but will have long-lasting service.

PVC fencing

PVC fencing is the cheapest fencing to install in your yard. This fencing replaces the wooden stakes and pickets. PVC fences are usually made in conjunction with the wood, whereby the PVC will go on to the top of the wooden posts to add on the stability of the fence. This fencing comes in many sizes and colors, and due to the PVC addition, the fence can last for many years.

Wrought iron fencing

Wrought iron fencing will bring the ultimate beauty to your property. However, a lot of maintenance is needed to maintain the elegant look of this fencing. They require sanding and repainting every two to three years. If you are looking for a beautiful landscape, this is a fence to go. However, if you want to upgrade the security and privacy of your place, this is the best option to go for.

Vinyl fencing

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Vinyl fencing is said to be four times stronger than wood fencing. Besides, it is way cheaper than any other fence. This fence does not require a lot of maintenance and does not require painting. All you need to keep this fence new is soap and water. Installing vinyl fencing might seem expensive, but looking at the low maintenance costs and long-lasting service, it is a worthy investment to make.

Chain link fencing

The chain-link fence is not the fence to install when you want privacy in your home. However, this does not hinder them from being a popular choice for many homeowners. Chain link fences are cheap to buy and also install. Some homeowners will go ahead to plant dome vines and shrubbery flowers that will give some sense of privacy.

Electric fencing

Electric fencing is the best way to keep intruders and burglars off your property. All you need is to dig a trench and place a wire along the boundary of the area you wish to fence. Then, set up a transmitter in a close location to activate the wire.

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