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Types of Electric Gate Fences

automatic gate, the real thing.

Types of electric gate fences

A client came to us claiming that recently, he had a lot of trespassers on his farm. He would plant his crops, and when it was time to harvest, he could notice some parts missing. He wanted to improve the security of his home, but he did not have the money to build a perimeter wall. Also, he could not wait for a natural fence to grow around his compound. So, he came to us asking for help to select the best type of gate fence eh could use. Based on his needs, the budget, and his area of residence, we settled on an electric fence. Well, there are several of these, depending on what you need. That was the information we presented to him, alongside pictures and their application.

In details, these types of electric gate fences include:A Wooden Swing Gate

  • Swing Gate
  • Sliding Gates
  • Automated Gates
  • Remote detection for automatic gates
  • Battery backup for automatic gates
  • Solar-powered gates

Swing Gate

In the past, the swing gate opened and closed manually. However, with the improvement in technology and the introduction of gate openers, you no longer need to open your gate manually. Whether you have a single or double panel swing gate, you can use an opener to operate the gate. The single panel is typical in small household applications, while the dual board is for significant residential and commercial applications. The swing gate can be wooden, aluminum-based, or even made or wrought iron. By using a gate opener, you can now operate your gate electrically to swing it open, either inwards or outwards.

Sliding Gates

These were conventional gates that are still in use. However, now, rather than pushing the entrance along the rails to open it, you can use a motorized gate opener to drive the gate to open or close. They are almost similar to the swing gate, the only difference being their method of opening. Rather than swinging outwards or inwards, they slide, using wheels attached to the gate and guide rails. If you have limited headroom space for your gate, or live along a busy street where you need a quick opening of your gate, then the sliding gate is the perfect solution. You can find them in wood, wrought iron, or even aluminum.

Automated Gates

The two types of gates mentioned above are the ones automated and in use. There are different types of automation for the gates, depending on the level of technology, type of opener, and entrance. When you automate your gate, you can either attach a motor and a pulley, or chains. Either way, when you supply your engine with power, the pulley or chains pull the gate to open slowly. However, if you have a swing gate, you might need a more powerful motor compared to someone with a sliding gate.

Remote detection for automatic gates

Some gates will only open when you trigger the remote control sensor. Others need you to push the button manually so that the gate can open automatically. In other cases, the gate will have proximity sensors that detect the presence of a car, and how fair it is to open the gate. All these remote detection methods depend on the types of sensors you are using, and the technology used on the gate opener. However, if you want to make your gate more automatic, you can upgrade it with the services of a professional gate opener specialist, such as Bay Area Gates.

Battery backup for automatic gates

A Solar Powered Automatic Gate
A Solar-Powered Automatic Gate

Do you have an entrance that causes a lot of problems should you experience a blackout in your area? Well, if you have a gate opener connected to the grid, these are some of the issues you have to deal with. However, if you want to have a more efficient, 24/7 operational gate, you can always back up the opener, using a battery. The battery-powered gate openers have an advantage over the power grid openers since they can be anywhere. All you need is a means to charge the battery, and you will be good to go.

Solar-powered gates

Do you want to turn towards green energy in your home?

Are you looking to reduce the electricity bills around your home? What of when you need a solution to your ever malfunctioning gate due to power outages? If you have thought of all these, then the solar-powered gate is what you are looking for. There are solar panels installed near the entrance. These solar panels charge a backup battery that then operates the gate opener. Not only is this option cheaper, but it allows you to install a gate opener anywhere you want.

Bayarea AutomaticGates

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