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Types of Automatic Gates

Automatic Swing Gate

The best types of automatic gates to choose from.

Building a dream home or commercial premises is one thing, but deciding on their safety and security is another. Any homeowner will attest to the fact that deciding on a particular gate is a daunting task since you might not identify what benefit one gate type offers, over another. However, with a professional gate contractor, it becomes an easy ride. This is who we are at Bay Area Automatic Gates. We are a professional gate company serving the greater California county.

Automatic gates come in many forms. However, the most popular gates are the swing and slide gates. Below is an in-depth guide on the various types of automatic gates;

  • Automatic slide gates
  • swing gates
  • Automatic gate openers

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  • Electric gates
  • Residential automatic gates
  • Commercial automatic gates

Automatic swing gates

Swing gates come in two types. The single and the double swing gate system. This gate is operated using a remote control or an access control panel. Compared to the slide gates, these gates are easy to install and are also cheaper. These gates are suitable for premises with a big compound since they often open inwards. However, you can still custom your gate to open outwards though this is rare. This gate is safe for users since when you press the remote button to open, they open and delay for some time, and then they safely close. The time they take to open and close will depend on the time you set.

Types of motors for swing gates.

Swing gates operate with the help of a motor. There are three types of motors; the above-ground ram, above ground articulated arm, and the underground gate operators. These three motors are ideal for different situations. The above-ground ram is suitable for massive gates with a width of up to 7 meters. No digging is required for the installation of this gate and, therefore, easy to install. The above-ground articulated arm is suitable for those gates that are attached to a large pillar such that other motors cannot be used. The underground gate operator is the most famous gate motor used. It is discrete as it is installed underground. It will also affect the aesthetics of the gate.

Automatic slide gates

These gates are mainly installed on business premises since they provide a wider entry area. These gates come in different sizes and can open up to 25 meters wider. Also, there are smaller gates that can suit a residential property where a swing gate will cause an obstruction. Slide gates come in two types. There are the tracked sliding gates and the cantilever sliding gate. The tracking slide gate slides along the groove set into the road. The beam of the gate has wheels at the bottom, which allow the gate to move smoothly. The cantilever gate lacks a groove at the bottom, and they glide above the concrete base at the height of 50-80 millimeters. This gate is ideal for areas where the road is inclined, and therefore, the tracking slide ate is not suitable.

Benefits of having an automatic gate in your premises

Having an automatic gate in your driveway brings you the following benefits;

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automatic swing gate, there’s no better way.

Automatic gates bring higher levels of comfort to the homeowner in the manner they enter and exit their premises. With this gate, you do not have to operate it manually. This is convenient, especially during harsh weather conditions and at night when your safety is at risk. You can choose to run this gate using a remote control, card reader, or keypads.

Keeps unauthorized persons out

This gate helps to keep away intruders from your property. Only individuals with the remote or the control system will access the gate. Those people who use your driveway as a turn round can also be restricted.

Aesthetic appeal

Automatic gates come in many materials and styles. These styles, materials, and colors will blend in with other structures in the compound, thus, increasing the beauty of your property. You also can choose the look you want for your home. It can be a modern or traditional look.

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