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Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems

With the increase in the level of insecurities and thugs advancing their methods, like a home, business, or property owner, you also need to upgrade. You need to find a technique that not only works for you but also keeps the bad guys away. And when a client called us last week inquiring about our access control solutions, the telephone entry system is what interested him the most. He wanted a way to control visitors’ access to his gate and doors by the use of a simple telephone from the comfort of his home or office. Since we have been in the industry for some time now, we know the ropes of dealing with the system. From the purpose, installation, rules, types of systems, and how much they cost. Additionally, we have the skill set required to ensure the system you get is fully efficient.

What is the purpose of a TES?

Commercial Telephone Entry System
fingerprint and password lock in a office building

The primary and most important use of the TES is providing access control to the owner of a home, a business, or even a property. It gives the owner of the property with communication from the entry points. Once you arrive at the gate, you call in the property, and you can talk freely. The person inside can now know that someone is at the entrance and whether or not grant them access. If you, as the resident wishes to give access to the visitor, you can press a number, say 1, to prompt the gate to open. With the system in place, you can modify it to work alongside a card reader or a keypad.

The various types of TES

When it comes to the kind of system you want to be installed on your gate, there are a few types to choose from. You can either go with the auto-dialers or the shared phone line system.

Dedicated Phone Line System

Also known as the auto-dialers, this type of system requires that you have dedicated phone service. The system has a memory, where it stores pre-dialed numbers for more comfortable use. If installed alongside a keypad, you can select the number you want to call using a directory code. Then, the phone system will call the number, and once the call goes through, you can talk about requesting access. In this system, both the caller and the receiver can communicate. In essence, the dedicated phone line system works the same as your speed dial.

The shared phone line system

This type of phone system works with the already existing communication lines. Therefore, when you place a call at the gate, the entry system selects the call from the board and forwards it effectively. The connection of this system is in series to the incoming telephone lines. Since the link is all-rounded, there are no phone bills, no phone lines, or even a telephone intercom. Just like the dedicated system, both parties can converse, and if you wish to grant access, you press a button to prompt the gates to open.

Installation of a TES

The necessary procedure for installing a telephone entry system involves a few simple steps. Ensure that none of the components break and that you have a clue of what is going on. If you find yourself in a fix, unable to install it, you can call for help. The process begins with mounting, where you make the housing. The control boards will need protection from harsh weather conditions or intruders. Make the housing firm to protect the system from vibrations which could result in extensive damages. It is essential that your mounting post, wall mounting, column, or pilaster are firm and away from the fence panel or post, especially the automated one.

Wiring guidelines for TES

Telephone Entry System installation
Businessman entering safe code to unlock the door.

When it comes to the wiring of the system, the services of a professional are imminent. If you are the expert doing it, then you need to understand the rules of electrical and telecommunication connections. Since you are using a lot of small, heat, and light-sensitive components, make sure you take all precautions. Also, when connecting the parts, use the correct wire gauges, and avoid tapping power from a door strike or mag-lock. Electrical parts are very delicate and spoil quickly due to stray charges. So, make sure you ground the unit, use external surge suppressors, such as a cutout or circuit breaker. Then it is crucial to use continuous interconnect wire to avoid loose connections or arcing.

Safety precautions for the system

Handling telephone units requires care and precision for proper functionality. Besides it being an electrical circuit, more concern is put on the components. You want it to last long. Therefore, put the precautions given at the forefront of your operations. Make sure you do not touch the parts unless you have the grounding band or are grounded in other ways. Then, do not place the LCDs facing east or west to avoid direct sunlight. Also, you must put the unit away from a voltage source, hire than 115 volts to avoid audio hum. Finally, you must separate the data and power lines in different conduits.

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