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Sliding Gtaes

The different types of sliding gates.

Deciding to install a sliding gate is one thing, and installing the right gate is another. There are a lot of things to consider when installing a sliding gate. A gate should complement the other structures in your compound. There are several types of slide gates that you can select from. Below are some of them;

  • V-track slide gates
  • Rolling slide gates
  • Telescopic sliding gates

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  • Cantilever slide gates

Most importantly, it is wise to make the right decision when hiring a gate contractor. These depend on the level of experience and years of expertise. This way, you can be certain that the sliding gate that you choose will complement on your home’s visual, and aesthetic appeal.

Well, below are some of the best sliding gates;

V-track sliding gate

V track sliding gates have a metal track at the bottom that has wheel fitted below. This gate move with the help of this wheel. This metal track forms an inverted letter V when installing and hence, its name. This gate is ideal for places that do not snow heavily such that the truck will not be covered by snow. Also, to maintain this sliding gate, regular cleaning is advised to remove all the debris that might hinder the wheels from moving smoothly.

Rolling sliding gate

Rolling sliding gates are similar to the V-track sliding gates. They also have wheels that help the gate to move left to right and vice versa. The only difference is that a rolling gate has no track below it. The gate gives your property a chic and stunning look.

Telescopic sliding gate

A telescopic sliding gate is a multi-piece electric gate system. This gate is suitable for places with limited space on either side of the driveway, such that there is no space to fit the panels when the gate opens. With gate works in a unique way. It stacks the gate together when the gate opens and then spreads it when it is closing. This means that it only needs a small space to operate. Apart from that, another merit is that you can customize this gate according to the terrain of your place.

Cantilever sliding gates

If you are looking for a sliding gate that operates silently and smoothly, this is the gate to go for. Cantilever sliding gates are elevated from the ground and support the rail on the side of the gate. It does require contact with the ground for it to function. This explains its silence during opening and closing. Also, this gate is ideal for places that snow or in rough driveways.

A sliding gate uses motors and openers to operate. It is good to contact a professional before purchasing an operator for your gate. This is because there are a lot of considerations to make. Below are some of them.

Factors to consider buying a sliding gate operator

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How to automate a sliding gate for residential and commercial property. A live sliding gate

Size and weight of your gate

The sliding gate operator you purchase for your gate depends on the size and weight of your gate. A small motor will not do well in a large gate. Motors come in different sizes to suit different sizes of gates. There are motors available for residential light duty gates and massive duty commercial slide gates.

How fast do you want your gate to open?

When you live in an insecure place, you want a gate that will open and close as fast as possible. How fast or slow your gate opens depends on the motor you purchase. For commercial areas, we need a gate that runs fast to avoid traffic, while in residential areas, we need a gate that will move at a slower rate due to children and pets around.

How do you want to control access to your property?

You can choose to install different opening systems depending on how you want to access your property. It can be through remote access, keypads, or even photoelectric beams.

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