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Choosing an electric gate for your home.

Most of the time, we choose a particular gate type for safety and security. However, gates serve an additional purpose of adding value to your home, as well as enhance the aesthetics of your home. That said, there are different types of gates available in the market today. Making it difficult to choose the best electric gate that suits your needs.

In such a scenario, it is crucial to have the hand of a professional technician in gate installation, repair, and maintenance. Such experts will help you to determine the best gate that is custom-fit to your home, business, property, or secluded areas. Additionally, you will need good advice to avoid going too deep into your pocket.

Types of electric gates.

wroght iron gate
Wrought iron gate repair & installation

At Bay Area Automatic Gates, this is what we pride ourselves on; experience, skill, expertise, affordability, name it. Below are some of our gate types;

  • Electric driveway gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Swing gates
  • Custom gates
  • Wrought-iron gates
  • Vinyl and wooden gates
  • Gate automation, and so much more.

With such an extensive array of gates, you can be sure that your needs will be met from every purchase, and/or service offered.

Different types of electric gate accessories.

An electric gate is a basic/standard gate with an opening/closing mechanism. With these accessories, you can close or open the gate either manually or with allied openers. However, each of these accessories will work with a given type of gate, and not another. As a result, it is important to understand the gate you are working with. Some of these accessories include but not limited to;

  • Electric gate openers
  • Gate opener remotes
  • Keypad entry systems
  • Gate intercom systems
  • Telephone entry systems and others.

The use of a particular combination might work for a swing gate, and not on a slide gate. Also, the opener that you choose is custom fit to specific gates.

Electric swing gates.

Swing gates are one of the popular gate types. Previously, they have been operated manually. However, they are now mechanized and can is and closed with an automatic system. These gates can either be single-panel or double-panel swing gates.

Additionally, they can be made from aluminum, wood, wrought-iron, and custom metal sheet. When combined with an electric gate operator, and gate opener, they can be opened automatically.

Sliding gate openers

Unlike swing gates, sliding gates open by sliding the gate open. There is usually a wheel attached to the gate that slides along the track to open. Mostly, they are used together with a motor which has a chain attached to it, thus moves to open or close the gate. Electric sliding gates are best suited for urban residences with less space and therefore do not take up much space to open or close.

Like the swing gates, these can also be made from aluminum, wrought iron, wood and any other materials.

automatic gate, the real thing.
automatic gate is what the world was waiting for.

The use of electric sliding gates in a business and residential areas are operated by motors with pulleys, chains and motors that pull the gate open. However, they are relatively slower than the swing gates.

What are the different types of electric gates?

There are different types of electric gates, these range from those that are solar-powered, battery-powered, and purely electric systems. Each of these is designed in such a way that they can trigger the opening of the gate remotely.

Remote electric gate openers.

When you have an automatic gate, the sensors within the electric gate system will be triggered to open remotely. However, some of these gate openers are partially manual. They require someone to press the button so that the gate opener could be activated.

Battery-powered electric gate openers

This type of electric gate openers is perfectly suited for areas that are not in close proximity to the power grid lines. They have a better advantage over the electric gate openers since they are useful during power outages.

Solar Powered electric gates.

With the need to go green, most homeowners are finding these types of gate openers quite favorable. As the name suggests, they gather sunlight and convert it into electrical energy that would conversely power the gate. However, they are similar to battery-powered openers in some kind of way since they store the electrical energy in batteries.

Are you a homeowner looking for the best electric gates? Electric gate services including installation, repair and maintenance? Look no further than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

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