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Factors to consider when choosing a security gate.

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Security gates are an essential component of any commercial or residential setting. They help to limit access to your property. In many cases, security gates are located at the entrance where access is granted to only authorized personnel and vehicles. For added security, some business owners will go ahead and place secondary security gates after the main gate to limit access to certain areas. Apart from commercial places, residential areas also install security gates. The need for installing a security gate in commercial areas differs from those in residential areas. Commercial areas need security to ensure that authorized people get access while in residential areas, the primary purpose is to keep away intruders.

Nonetheless, you will need to make a checklist before deciding on a particular security gate. These factors include;

  • The style of the gate (slide or swing)
  • The space available for gate operations.
  • Gate automation needs.
  • Automatic security gates
  • The type of opening systems of the gate.

Commercial Vs. residential security gates

Industrial areas and residential places have different perimeter coverage and also different needs. This calls for the need of different security gates installed. Usually, commercial areas will need more advanced security than a residential area. Also, it will a gate that will accommodate high traffic. Thus, a commercial security gate needs to be more durable and easier to operate. Many business security gates are made of aluminum since they are robust, lightweight, and also durable with fewer maintenance needs.

Factors to consider when choosing a security gate

Choosing the right security gate goes beyond the manual or automatic gate decision. There is a lot involved in this. There are different security gates designs. All designs are unique in their own way and are ideal for different situations. Factors to consider when choosing a security gate for your premises include;

Space available and the size of the gate

Different gates have different opening and closing mechanisms. Some will open upwards while others will move horizontally. These two gates will require a different amount of space to operate. Therefore choosing the design of the gate is dependent on the space available. Also, the amount of traffic expected dictates the size of the security gate you install.

Frequency and speed of closing and opening

How much traffic expected on your premises and how quickly you need it to move is a crucial consideration to make when installing a security gate. The gate system installed should keep idle time to its minimum and should also be designed to accommodate the frequency of gate use.

Operator and opening system

A security gate operates with the help of a gate opener. It is crucial to purchase the right size of a gate opener. The gate opener should correspond to the size and weight of your security gate for efficient running. Also, the manner you choose to control access to your property is essential. You may want to use keycards, intercom systems, or even number pad opening systems.

Types of security gates

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Slide gate

Slide gates come in different types. There is the V-groove rolling sliding gate, cantilever, and overhead slide gates. Of the three slide gates, the V groove gate is the most common design in commercial properties. It has a track beneath it, which has wheels. These wheels enable this gate to operate smoothly.

Swing gates

A swing gate can open either inwards or outwards. This gate can be single or double. Swing gate needs close attention and regular inspections since they can be hazardous if they break down.

Vertical lift gates

This gate opens upwards to open. This gate does not need space to the front or rear and, therefore, ideal for places with small space for installation.

Well, there are different types of gates for your home and commercial premises. All it takes is to call a professional gate contractor for installation. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we are whizzes in gate repair, schedule maintenance, and gate accessory repair. Our technicians are skilled, professional and our services are affordable. Call us today to secure your home or business with the best gate systems.

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