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San Mateo’s county fences laws

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San Mateo’s county fences laws.

Fences can mean the difference between neighbors poking their nose into your business or animals coming to your compound and the security and privacy that you require. For the past few years, fences have not been getting the attention they need and this is what makes the difference. It is worth noting that fences are as important as the houses we live in. This is due to the fact that with fences around your compound, no stranger or other animals will cross over to your compound. Also, your kids and pets will not be able to go out unless you permit them. To cut the long story short, a fence will serve the purpose of security, privacy, safety, and aesthetics.

Residential and commercial fencing

What most people get wrong is when it comes to putting up the fence. Most people will just start the process without figuring out the reason as to why they put up the fence. It is very important to first sit down and decide what it is that you want to accomplish once you put up the fence. By this, you will have considered the security part, the privacy, the safety, and aesthetics. When it comes to aesthetics, fences come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. With the variety, you will be able to choose whatever it is that you want. You should also consider the fence height regulations. Different cities and town have some regulations that should be followed. Here are some guides on the fences.sound walls commercial

Front Yard fencing

For the front yard, there is actually no recommended height. However, different cities have put up a standard fence height size that must be followed. Generally, most front yard fence height is about three feet. This is allowed in almost every city. The height of the fence will depend on the purpose of the fence. If the fence is for privacy, you will need a longer fence to keep the neighbors away. If the fence is just for decoration, the height will not matter.

Rear And Side Yard

The rear and side yard fences are slightly longer than the front yard. The difference can be of about 2 to 3 feet. If you own a dog, you should put that into consideration. Dogs need to be contained to ensure they don’t cross over and escape. A four-foot fence is enough to confine a dog but there are also other dogs that are huge and four feet may not be enough. Such dogs include the German shepherd. For German shepherd, a six feet fence will serve the purpose. To keep away other animals such as deer, you will need to increase the fence height to about 7 feet.

Corner Lots

The fence height for the corner lot will depend on the size of the lot. A corner lot consisting of 1 acre or less should not have a fence that is 4 feet high unless it is approved by the board of appeal

What Does The Street Side Yard Include?

A street-side yard is just the exterior of the yard next to the street. The area should be within 7.5 feet of the property line. The maximum street-side yard is 25 feet. The size of the street side yard should conform with the setback requirement established for each zoning district.

How Is Fence Height Measured?black chain link fence

Measurement is the backbone of any kind of construction. Setting up a fence being part of construction also needs measurements. The first thing you should put into consideration to ensure you measure accurately is to account for slopes and obstructions. If there are obstructions, you will need to take care of them or add them to your measurements. Mark the corner posts where the fence panels will meet at a 90-degree angle. Measure the perimeter of the are that is to be enclosed in feet. You should then look up the length of the fence panels that you will be using. Divide the area’s perimeter by the length of the panels to know exactly the number of panels that you will require. What follows is to place stakes where the line posts and end posts will be located. Be sure to double-check your measurements just to be precise. Transfer the measurements and the plan to a piece of paper. From here on, you are ready to order for your fence.

 Which Fences Require Permits?

In the urban, most fences will require permits but this will also depend on the are you stay. Building permits do not solely belong to buildings. You will need a permit from your local jurisdiction for a fence also. The fence height also contributes to the need of a permit. In the backyard, a fence over six feet tall may need a permit and in the front yard, the fence should be over 3.0 feet. The material of the fence also matters. Barbed wire or electric wire will hardly require a permit.

Which Fences Do Not Require Permits? 

There are some cases where some fences do not require permits. For example, barbed wire and electric wires will hardly require permits no matter the height. Fences that are below 6 feet, hardly require a permit this is because they may be put up on the boundary line. This should however not cross over.

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