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Fence Planning in Bay Area

Fence Planning and Provisions

Fence planning and provisions

Over the years, we have had many clients come to us requesting help to put up a fence in their properties. These fences range from the necessary wooden walls to complicated solid wrought iron fences aimed at maintaining privacy. Although it seems simple and an easy task to complete, many do it wrong. Before building a fence for any client, we have to discuss with them the rules of reinstalling any fence. We help you understand that the state department of planning requires you to fulfill some obligations, both to the state and the neighborhood, before you set your tools down for work. That is why many clients come back to us for more services.

Fence heights

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Gate design St Petersburg 12′ by 4′

When you choose to install a fence in your home, office, industrial space, or even a commercial building, there are height regulations that you need to observe. For instance, if you have a front setback, then the fence can only be 3 feet tall. This is if you are adjacent to a road junction, or a pedestrian intersection. On the other hand, if you live in an excluded place, with no nearby houses, then there would be no need for a rear yard. Also, if you have a back yard, you can install a fence that is up to 6 feet tall. The same goes for the interior side setbacks. However, all these heights are negotiable with the state department. There are a few exemptions, which you can argue out to get an extension on the specified height. In some cases, you can get an extension of up to 6 feet.

Fence construction permits

Fences that are below 3 feet do not require a building permit. However, for the ones exceeding this height, or are a masonry fence, you need to have a building permit before you begin. When you decide to construct a fence around your property, you start with the plans. Therefore, when you apply for the license, you need to present the plans you intend to use for the construction. The proposals should be precise to the last millimeter. The plans should also indicate the exact location of your property, the location of the required setbacks, and the height of the fences. Also, if you are planning on building a fence that is higher than 3-feet, and depends on the openness of the fence to make this claim, you need to show by illustration, the type of fence you intend to use.

Steps for planning the permit process

When you go for a fence that requires you have a building permit, here are few steps to follow to guarantee that you will get the license in no time.

First, you need the initial review application.  At this stage, the planner will take a look at your project to determine whether or not the plan is complete. At this point, they will inspect if the project conforms to the zoning regulations stipulated. Also, they will view the comments and recommendations from the review agencies and other homeowners near where you want to build your project. Also, during this review, they will discuss the reports and their findings with a committee.

This Gate repair? You bet!
Marvin the Mountie Always Gets His Gate repair.

Secondly, the planning board will send a public notice to the owners of properties within a 300-foot radius to your intended location. Once they know and no objections come up, then the staff level decision considering the issuing of the permit will go through. Once you receive the decision from the board, you have ten business days to appeal to a higher authority. This appeal period also extends to the public, who may have issues with the permit. However, it is essential to state that you can appeal a decision by the commission of planning to the board of supervisors, but you cannot appeal to the conclusion of the board.

The time limit for a permit

To go through the process, from the application to the finalization of the process, you will need some time. You can take between two and four months, depending on the issues that come up during the whole process. If there are complaints from the neighbors, or you are not happy with the decision of the committee, then the time taken to get the permit increases. This is because you will now have to present all your documents to a new committee to start the process.

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