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Easy Fixes for Your Fence

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If you have a fence around your property, it is in your best interest to learn about some easy fixes that can help it last year after year. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we are happy to share some easy fixes for our customers in the Bay Area who have fences, and we are also happy to help when things get too serious.

Here are some easy fixes for your fence and some tips on general fence maintenance:

Sagging Fence Gates

 If your fence gate is sagging, you should reinforce it to bring it back to the square with a no-sag kit.

Mildewed Fences

 If your fence is mildewed or dirty, you should pressure wash it to remove the mildew or dirt. Once dry, apply the stain.

Animals Digging Under the Fence

 Does your dog or other animals dig under the fence? If it is your own animal, you should consider some behavioral changes via training. You can also create some type of barrier to prevent digging. For instance, you can lay landscape timbers or patio pavers along the bottom of the fence perimeter.

You also might consider hardware cloth or chicken wire at the base of the fence.

Just make sure the mesh is large enough so that your pet’s paws don’t get caught.

General Fence Maintenance Tips
To keep your fence in good shape for the years to come, do some maintenance, including the following:

  • Clean your fence regularly
  • Inspect your fence regularly
  • Be careful when using string trimmers and mowers around fences
  • Keep latches, hinges, and other moving parts lubricated with oil or grease
  • Don’t let soil or mulch pile up against the bottom of fence posts and panels

Fence Post Tips

 Fence post issues are common and include loose, rotting, or leaning posts. All of these require the same basic fixes. Leaning or loose posts can be reinforced, but a rotting post must get replaced with a new post, which is then set in concrete.

Extended Picket Fences






Depending on the type of fence, there also might be some specific things to keep in mind:  

Wood or Bamboo Fences

 Wood is prone to contracting and expanding over time. Weather, either wet or dry, can cause splitting, sagging, or warping.

After installing a wood or bamboo fence, you should apply a sealer or stain to protect it.

Also, keep in mind that if you have to replace any panels or boards, remember that the new wood will be a different shade than the fence that is already standing.

You could let it weather naturally, or you can stain or paint the entire fence.

sound wallls

Metal Fences

 Metal fences are quite durable and require little maintenance. You might need to fix the occasional scratch by touching up paint or removing rust.

Ornamental Iron Fence

Vinyl Fences

 Vinyl is also low maintenance, though it does get dirty pretty easily. If you clean it regularly, it will look attractive for many years to come. Any cracked or damaged areas should be replaced when you find them, and you should make sure that posts are always solidly in the ground.

Vinyl Fences






Wire or Electric Fences

 If you have an electric fence, you must make sure that it’s grounded, and the insulators are in good repair. Wire fences also need to have tension in order to be effective, and as with any fence, regularly inspecting the fence is recommended.

Residential Chain Link Fences

Planning for Fence Installation

 Finally, if you are planning on installing a fence, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Think about the maintenance that will be required in the future before choosing a fence type.
  • Evaluate any slopes on your property, and then choose a fence type that is ideal for your landscape.
  • Before digging, call 811 anywhere in the Bay Area. This will connect you to local utility companies that can mark underground lines.
  • Follow all local fencing ordinances and laws
  • Measure everything correctly before you start

If you are planning on installing a fence or need help with a repair, you can call our team at Bay Area Automatic Gates. You can see our available services online, or you can give us a call at your convenience.

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