Driveway Gates

Why a driveway gate?

Driveway gates not only improve the curb appeal of your home but also promote the level of security of your home. Although they are more common in more common in ranches, mansions, and large estates, the driveway gates are quickly gaining popularity among other smaller homesteads. With the bonus of an automatic gate, you can now own a driveway that is convenient for you and your family.

Licensed and certified.

In fact, not all fence and gate installation experts are licensed and certified to operate within specific areas. Bay Area Automatic Gates and Fences are licensed and certified to operate within Bay Area and the entire region of California.

20 Years of Experience.

Over time, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences have become key players in the industry. We have been in operations for over 20 years of experience. This experience has seen us gather vast knowledge in the different gate and fence installations & repair.

Quality Affordable Service.

Here’s the great deal! You will find other fence and gate contractors providing similar services to ours, but will almost charge you an arm and a leg. However, our services are affordable for every client.

types of driveway gates

There are many different types of driveway gates. These gates are of different types, makes, material, and opening mechanism. Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences avails driveway gates of different types:

According to material

Steel driveway gates

These gates have powder coated steel. Although it is durable and robust, if not fully galvanized, it tends to rust. Therefore, it becomes a bit more expensive to maintain the steel gates.

Aluminum driveway gate

Unlike the wrought iron gates, aluminum gates are rust resistant. Therefore, they tend to last longer and require very little maintenance. Also, these types of gates are lighter and less expensive.

Wooden gates

Although these types of barriers increase the value of a home and bring an authentic look, they are high maintenance. Also, buying wooden gates is a bit expensive compared to the steel and aluminum gates. Also, the wooden gates are bound to rot and are at risk of termite attack.

According to the opening mechanism

Sliding driveway gates

This type of gate slides into the wall once it opens. After getting it, it then closes. During installation, rails are put in place to allow the gate to slide. The gateway also has wheels that allow it to slide in the guard rail.

Swing in driveway gate

This type of gate opens toward the house. Therefore, as you approach the entrance, the gate swings away from you, allowing you entry. They are particularly common if you have a long driveway that slopes into the house.

According to design

Flat-top and arched top gates

The flat-top  type of gate has the upper part of the gate straight. It is also the simplest driveway gate in most residential spaces.

The arched top driveway gate is a type of driveway gate, in which the head bends to form a smooth curve. The arched top entrance is the most common driveway gate among homesteads.

Also, there are arched top with finials.This type of gate has a smoothly curved top, fitted with pickets that extend over and above the top bent rail. At the end of each track is a final installed to add to the design of the gate.

Why Bay area automatic gates & fences

There are many types of driveway gates. Depending on the price of the gate and the budget you are operating on, you can find a driveway gate of your choice. At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, we go ahead to make customized barriers for our clients. All you have to do is inform us of the design, material, size, and mechanism of opening you want your gate to exhibit. After that, we paint the gate, and if you need a distinctive sign, symbol or logo installed, we have got you covered.

There are many driveway gates in the market offered by different dealers. However, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences is ideal for you because:

We have three decades’ industry experience

Having operated in the gates industry for more than three decades, you can trust us with your driveway. We will adorn it with a beautiful and efficient gate that reflects your home.

We offer a wide variety of products

When you come to us for a residential driveway gate, you are sure that you can never walk away empty handed.  If you want a precise design, made of a particular material, all we need are the measurements of the gate.

We offer custom made products

The beauty of installing a custom made gate is to bring out the authenticity of your home. Also, it improves the curb appeal of your home and its net worth.

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