3rd March 2024

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Automatic Gates and entry control systems

Having a gate to your home, or business is not enough if it doesn’t offer the convenience and ease of operation. There are many homeowners who install gates and forget that they could make improvements, and innovations to enhance operation. Going for gate automation is quite a great achievement.

An automatic gate in a home consists of a gate operator, gate opener, gate opener remote and so much more. Additionally, there are other allied electronic gate accessories. These include but not limited to;

iron gate in bay area
wrought iron gate with a Liftmaster gate opener. An automatic swing gate
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Free exit devices
  • Emergency exit and access systems, and so much more.

Most of these work hand in hand could be installed together. However, there is no rule that each one cannot be used single-handedly. But how does each of these accessories work on an automatic gate?

Access control systems.

When you have areas restricted to entry, this is where an opening system comes in handy. Automatic gates can be used together with several opening systems; however, this will depend on the premises as well as the purpose. For example, you could use card readers, portable wireless devices, vehicle tag readers etc in both commercial and residential areas. Besides, each of the systems should be used to allow or limit entry and exit from a building.

Intercom systems

These are quite specialized systems designed to allow communication or interaction between someone at the gate, and once inside the compound/house. Even more, when used together with automatic gates, they will provide a means with which the gate can be opened remotely by the person who is inside the facility. This way, the identity of the visitor can be identified with much ease.

Free commercial Exit devices

Most often, these systems are best suited for commercial areas or areas with high traffic. There are different types of exit devices including but not limited to photoelectric beams, loop detectors, pressure switches and much more. Each of these will allow the gate to automatically open without manual operation.

Video surveillance systems

As the name suggests, these are video cameras situated in precise locations that capture entry and exit. When used together with an automatic gate, they will capture and record activities at the entrance. Besides, they could be used together with intercom systems to enhance security as well as safety within a home or business. When properly used, the identity of the visitors could be confirmed just before entry is granted.

Emergency access systems.

There are laws and regulations that require a business to install emergency access systems in case of an urgent exit. It could be a fire or any other kind of emergency. However, access is granted to rescue departments such as fire departments, ambulances and others. Such systems include knock boxes, radio receivers, siren activated sensors and others. Emergency access systems are designed in such a way that they will be enabled by the emergency vehicle’s radio systems.

Automatic gate installation in the Bay Area.

Metal Gates
Forged, metal gates. Front of the house.

Well, automatic gates are complex and complicated systems that require the hand of a professional technician. Even more, they are heavy and can weigh as much as 10,000 pounds. Their opening speeds is also higher making them potent to cause injury and even death. There are regulations and legislations that require specific standards for automatic and electric gate installation regarding safety.

Moreover, there are specific gate operators and openers for each gate system. When you comply with the standards and regulations, you reduce the risk of entrapment, potential injury, and so much more. That is why it is necessary to hire a certified and licensed gate contractor.

Hiring a gate contractor in the Bay Area.

At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we have industry experience in automatic gate installation, repair and maintenance. Being in operation for over a decade now, you can be confident that each service is backed up with skill, expertise and professionalism.

Cost also plays a critical role in deciding the type of gate to install in your premises. Our services are affordable and custom-fit for each client’s preference. Are you looking for the best automatic gate in Bay Area? Even more, looking for a professional gate contractor for the job? Think no further than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

Bayarea AutomaticGates

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