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All you need to know about wrought iron gates

wrought iron swing gates


Before choosing a gate for your property, you want to be sure that you will get the most out of it. Therefore, you will need an entrance that is not only long-lasting but also easy to maintain. When a client walked into our workshop the other day looking for a shop, he did not take that long. After considering quite several gates, some including wood, aluminium and some steel, he settled for the wrought iron gate. We must mention that he did not rush his decision. He only decided for the wrought iron after hearing all there is to know about it. He wanted to know all the details concerning each gate, and when it came to the wrought iron gate, he seemed intrigued. Our salesperson was keen not to omit any details on all he needed to know about wrought iron gates.

In his description, he included:wrought iron gate

  • The main differentiating properties between an iron and a wrought iron gate
  • The installation of a wrought iron gate
  • The maintenance routines of a wrought iron gate, which include cleaning, lubricating and painting
  • How to deal with a rusted wrought iron gate

After settling on the wrought iron gate, all that was left was to go ahead and sell it to him.

To keep your family and properties safe, you need a long-lasting gate. A gate that will not easily break, warp, or even rust. Also, a gate that will restore a stunning look for a long time. This clearly defines a wrought iron gate. Wrought iron gates are long-lasting and durable. Here is all the information you should know about wrought iron gates.

The difference between wrought iron and iron gates

Many people tend to think that wrought iron gates are the same as iron gates. They might have iron as a common thing that they share. However, when it comes to wrought iron gates, they have an additional element that makes them. Wrought iron gates is an alloy of iron and slag. Slag is fibrous and has a deficient carbon element. This material makes about 2% of its weight. Also, wrought iron is easy to weld. It is even more resistant to rust and also more durable and malleable. On the other hand, iron contains a lot of carbon which makes it brittle and thus less durable.

Wrought iron gate installation

Before installing this gate, a professional should first come to the site and inspect the area to ensure that the area is suitable to install this gate. The expert should also mark the gas and electric lines before breaking the ground. Wrought iron gates are most suitable on flat grounds. However, since they are mostly custom-made, a gate that will suit a slanted ground can be made. Also, another vital consideration to make when installing this gate is the manner it will open. Will it be a single or double panel swing or a slide gate? This will be determined by the size of your compound. How much space you are willing to leave for the gate.


wrought iron gates
Iron fence | Forged grey decorative iron fence

There are basic maintenance practices to exercise on this gate for it to serve you for a long time.

Cleaning and lubricating

Cleaning this gate needs a solution of warm water and soap. Use a soft cotton rag to clean away any stubborn dirt. Rinse the soapy water from the gate to prevent a chalky film forming on the wrought iron. You can clean your gate at least once every month. This practice helps to keep your gate elegant and prolongs the lifespan of your gate. Also, lubricating your wrought iron gate and its fence with white lithium grease will keep your gate in its best condition and will enable it to open efficiently.


Painting your gate every 2-5 years is advisable. This will keep ruts at bay with your gate. However, the time frame can increase depending on how often you clean your gate. The more you wash it, the more elegant your gate will be, and thus a less need to paint it.


As much as we are saying that a wrought iron gate is resilient to rust, when not adequately maintained, rust can ruin your driveway gate. Cleaning your gate once a month will help you notice the small rust traces on your gate. When you see the growth of rust, ensure to get rid of it. During installation, you can use a rust-inhibiting primer to prevent your gate from rusting.

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