3rd March 2024

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Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Aesthetic Residential and Commercial Appeal with Chain Link Fences.

If you are looking into securing your property or setting boundaries for your land, you might want to consider the installation of chain link fences. Chain link fences are woven fences usually made from coated steel. Earlier on, chain link fences were known to be of very low quality, made from very easy to bend wires. This is not the case today. Chain link fences manufacturers have upped their skills and are coming up with very quality fences form very strong wires. To make the fence more effective, you need assistance from experts offering quality chain link fences services to install this fence for you.

Chain Link Fence Installation.

For quality chain link installation, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences experts are the people to rely on a whole new level. We are specialists when it comes to offering any type of fence services. With the many years of experience, our skills have upgraded to a new due to the numerous opportunity we have had to serve many customers. For chain Link installation services, we even have our own quality chain link fences that we recommend our clients to purchase. Our services are very affordable for any person, priced according to the work done.

Chain link fabric choices

With the voluminous chain link fences out there in the market today, it is easy to get confused on which fence to carry home. Therefore, it is key to have your specifications right before deciding to go to the market, otherwise, you will end up carrying the wrong thing. There are various posts and chain link fabric choices to choose from.

 You can get metallic coated posts and chain link fabrics. They are coated with aluminum, galvanized or vinyl coating, all with either brown, green or black color coating.

Chain link fences come in different diamond sizes.

For the best chain link fence, look for the one with smaller diamond size. They tend to be stronger. To prevent harm to your family of pets, it is advisable to make sure that the top and bottom of the chain link fence are well knuckled.

Most noteworthy, for a rather different look from the norm, you can decide to consider a chain link with a wooden framework rather than metal. This one has the posts and rails made from wood.

Composite Chain Link Fence.

For better aesthetics, consider a combination of chain link fence with other types of fences. This type is referred to as the composite fence. In fact, we recommend vinyl or wood fence at the area facing public places and chaink link fences, while chain link can be used for backyards. A composite fence is much economical than having the whole compound fenced with wood or vinyl materials.

You can also decide to coat the wooden posts with steel to make the fence long lasting by the fact that steel won’t rot.

Chain link fence accessories.

A professional fence installer would not consider his chain link services complete without chain link accessories. They include

Privacy Slats.

They enable you to provide a more private home. Privacy slats come in different materials like metal, vinyl, and foliage. Moreover, privacy slats also come in different colors and styles

Balls and post caps.

These are mainly to add elegance to your home. They are a perfect fit for any type of gate or fence with numerous styles to choose from.

Chain link fence maintenance

For your chain link fence to last longer and offer you better services, you will need to invest some time for maintenance practices. It is very difficult for a chain link exhibit any signs of wear and tear, therefore, it is your task to go checking the fence for any damage.

Presence of rust should raise an alarm and control measures takes. When rust accumulates, it will be more costly to remove and in extreme cases, you will have to replace the entire fence.

Also, examination of posts is important. The posts should be at 90 degrees. If not, repair them or replace the post.

Bent or broken meshes should be replaced instantly to prevent more damage which would call for replacing the whole fence.

It is also wise to clean your fence. You can use white vinegar to remove and mold accumulated on the fence, spray plain water using a garden hose to remove any dirt in the posts or meshes. Borax is a type of special soap with natural properties you can use to remove stubborn dirt. Finally, to remove rust, you can make use of steel wool.

For any type of chain link fence services, be it installation, repair or replacing and maintenance services, Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences will be glad to do the job for you.

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