3rd March 2024

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Opening Systems Maintenance

Extend The Lifespan of Your System With Opening Systems Maintenance.

The security of your business premises is the last thing you want to worry you as a business owner. If you are looking for the most effective means to secure your premises, try the opening systems. With this system, no unauthorized persons can get access to your premises. Access control system uses access cards and biometric recognition to allow a person to get into the premises. As this is a great investment you can make in your business, you do not want to make any mistakes in its installation to prevent future problems running it. You need a person who can offer high quality opening system maintenance services.

Professional Access Control Maintenance in Bay Area.

With opening system maintenance, you require experts who are at per with the technology used to make them. Also competent, qualifies, licensed and certified personnel are what you need. All these qualifications and many other are a description of Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences experts. Trusting us with the job means you get a professionally designed and installed system. Our team has the required tools and knowledge required to offer quality services. Our team works hand in hand with IT and security pros to make sure you get nothing but the best form us.

Types of access controls

At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, we offer opening system maintenance services to two kinds of systems

The traditional system.

This type of system used the control panels as centers for door readers and cameras and door fix. The doors readers and control panels are usually connected to the exclusive power and connection wiring.

The IP system.

The IP system, on the other hand, has the door readers connected directly to the network. It is more effective than the traditional system since it uses less bulk network hubs. Also unlike the traditional system, the IP system has no limit to the number of door readers can be connected to the system.

However, the IP system is considered to be less secure since it is easily hackable and its performance is greatly dependent on the networks.

The two systems are effective. You only need to choose that one that satisfies your needs. You can also opt for opening system installation the two and with time, you will be able to know the most dependable one.

24/7 Opening Systems Maintenance service.

For maintenance of access control maintenance services, we have very committed engineers and IT specialists who are ready to come to your aid whenever you call. We also offer regular inspection services which help to detect any damage risk and curb it. Most noteworthy, we offer 24/7 maintenance services and no matter what time of day or night you make us a call, we make sure to avail ourselves in less than one hour. We take access control damages as security breach, thus an emergency call.

Our maintenance services include;

  • Checking the opening system history since its last maintenance.
  • Analysing the access devices functionality and the locking methods.
  • Checking the network between the door controllers and the power supply.

Why opening system maintenance is important

Reduce theft and unauthorized access. Using the opening system means that people without access devices cannot access the premises. When used at the restricted areas, it enhances the confidentiality levels in the premises and reduces criminal activities.

It stores history information which can be used for future reference. With opening systems, you can manage the employees’ attendance by seeing who was where and when. This plays a major role especially in times when there is a security breach.

There are clear visibility and effective surveillance. You can integrate both audio and visual systems in your opening system, thereby increasing visibility in your company. Even more, you can also integrate video surveillance cameras which gives you a clear view of what is going on in the premises. You can also store the video for future use.

Your opening system can have a malfunction at the most unexpected time leading to risks like operation disruptions, being locked in the building or even theft. It is therefore key that you have a professional you can call any time and avails themselves. At Bay Area Automatic Gates & Fences, our main goal is ensuring our clients enjoy the best security services and it is up to us to rectify any problem hindering this. All our services are reasonably priced and the services we offer exceeds the prices way far. We are one phone call away.

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