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Fence Repair

A good fence is the joy of the home owner. Fences can be a source of pride or shame to a homeowner. Good, well maintained fences are not only very pleasing to look at, but they also increase the value of a property. Since fences need regular maintenance to keep them strong and standing, lack of it will cause you to need fence repair services from a professional. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we ensure all our customers in the Menlo Park CA area that their fence repair issues are taken care of speedily but extremely well.

Vinyl Fence Menlo Park CA

Vinyl fences are very popular in places with high humidity such as Menlo Park. They are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) so that they are stronger than all others and last for a longer time. Vinyl fences are so durable in fact, some manufacturers hand out a lifetime warranty because they know how durable the product is. For you to enjoy all the benefits vinyl fences have, you need to get the original product from a reputable distributor such as ourselves. Since we want the finishing to look immaculate, we can handle all issues installation. This fence needs little to no maintenance at all.

Chain Link Fence

Being one of the most popular fencing solution in Menlo Park CA, the chain link fence is a durable yet dependable fence capable of keeping intruders out and keep pets and children inside. Due to the way these fences are made, they can secure projects such as construction zones, airports, backyards among many others. This fence is unique because for security purposes, you can build the fence to be as tall as you want even past 12 feet tall. You can also choose from a variety of make and models suitable for what you need it for.

Gate Opener

Gate openers are a revolutionary technology that allows for users to open gates without leaving their cars. They are a great productivity tool since they reduce the need for additional manpower and also provide additional security for the area. If you are looking for the most convenient opener for your gate, then Bay Area Automatic Gates are the best go-to for your solution. Reach out for advice on which type of opener to use, its installation, maintenance and repair when need be.

Electric Gates

Electric gates offer customers an option to enter and exit your premises without having to exit your car to open the gates. In the Menlo Park CA, we have the most expansive collection of high grade electric gates for every client. We perform installation and maintenance of the electric gates so that they can serve you for the longest time without breaking down.

Driveway Gates

There are many types of driveway gates available to people depending on the space you have for installation, the slope of the terrain and your budget. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we ensure you get the most value for money by offering you only the best. We also take care of the maintenance needs of the gate so that it can serve you for the longest time without breaking down. In the Menlo Park area, we serve the following zip codes in Menlo Park CA; 94025, 94026

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