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Fence Repair

Fences are a critical part of any home. A good strong fence shows the beauty of the home while also showing the character of the home owners. Fences can be made of chain links, vinyl, wood, aluminum and many other materials. Having a reliable gate service in Los Gatos CA such as ourselves will not only equip you with the best products in the market today, but also provide manpower to perform your fence installation, fence repair and also maintenance where needed.

Vinyl Fence Los Gatos CA

Vinyl fences are a common occurrence today in the Los Gatos CA area today. Many people love this fence because of the many advantages it has over the other more conventional fencing materials such as wood and aluminum. A vinyl fence is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which means that it won’t rot, split, warp, blister, chip or corrode. However, to get all these advantages, you must obtain your fence from a legitimate dealer who will not only take care of your installation needs, but also handle any maintenance should it arise.

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is one of the most durable fences out there. This type of fence can last for decades while exhibiting some minor signs of wear and tear. Typically used to secure spaces such as construction sites, back yards among others, this type of fence is both very strong and reliable. Although these fences need some maintenance to stay in top shape, they are easily the most cost effective. Although people might view the installation as a DIY job, it’s better to have a professional do the work. A professional has knowledge on the impact of landscape and structures to the fence and as such will install it the way it should be.

Gate Opener Los Gatos CA

Gate openers bring about a different level of convenience and security to the compound. This type of opener assists the gate to either open or close depending on the signal given by the user. Due to technology, you can even control the gates from your smartphone regardless of your location. These gate openers can also be operated remotely simply by the press of a button. You can contact us for your gate remote repair, replacements and even programing.

Electric Gates

Electric gates open automatically provided they receive the correct signal from the users. They are convenient, easy to use and provide an additional level of security in the home or business premises. Bay Area Automatic Gates puts your security and that of your loved ones first. We provide expert electric gate installation, repair and maintenance for every electric gate in our catalog.

Driveway Gates

These types of gates are primarily situated at the start of a driveway which winds up to the home or business. Having high quality driveway gates is imperative especially considering that they provide security and privacy for you. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we supply all sorts of driveway gates such as the wooden ones, electric, sliding and even aluminum driveway gates. We are available the following zip codes in Los Gatos CA; 95030, 95031, 95032, 95033


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