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Fence Repair in Los-Altos CA

The fence at home or at the workplace is supposed to show boundaries and also keep people and property safe. Over time, fences seem to go a metamorphosis where poles get lose, holes form on the perimeter fence and even weathering. However, the problems on your fence might be deeper than you can see. Some of the issues might involve erosion, termites or even dry rot. For a proper diagnosis of what is happening, you should always contact a professional firm such as ourselves to handle this problem for you. Our experts have the best techniques and technology to restore your fence to its former glory without it costing an arm and a leg.

Vinyl Fence in Los-Altos CA

For years now, vinyl fences have gotten a lot of popularity. It could be because of its price and durability since the material is a lot cheaper than iron and wood, but outlasts either one. Vinyl fences are also popular because of their unique sense of style. Given that it is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it can be molded into many shapes and forms to satisfy client needs. Some fences might even seem to be wooden only to discover they are vinyl. The material is also used to strengthen other fences such as the chain link fence to make it more durable and resistant to things such as rust. If you need a vinyl fence in the Los-Altos area, then look no further than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

Chain Link Fence Los-Altos CA

Being one of the most popular fencing solution in California, the chain link fence is a durable yet dependable fence capable of keeping intruders out and keep pets and children inside. Due to the way these fences are made, they can secure projects such as construction zones, airports, backyards among many others. This fence is unique because for security purposes, you can build the fence to be over 12 feet high. You can also choose from a variety of make and models suitable for what you need it for.

Gate Opener

Gate openers bring about a different level of convenience and security to the compound. This type of opener assists the gate to either open or close depending on the signal given by the user. Due to technology, you can even control the gates from your smartphone regardless of your location. These gate openers can also be operated remotely simply by the press of a button. You can contact us for your gate remote repair, replacements and even programing.

Electric Gates in Los-Altos CA

When it comes to electric gates, no other company handles its business better than us. We understand that you want more simplicity and convenience and that is what we deliver. Bay Area Automatic Gates handles all matters electric gates ranging from gate installation, repair and subsequent maintenance. Our technicians have all the knowledge and experience needed to perform a proper installation that won’t give any problems.

Driveway Gates

If you are looking to install a driveway gate on your property, you have come to the correct place. Not only do these gates provide security, they also help in increasing property aesthetics and value. With driveway gates, you have additional elements that must be installed together. These include access control systems that comprise of an identity verification system be it cameras, keypads or even keycard readers. If you want that holistic element, then engage us today and you will not regret it. This service is available for all people living in the Los-Altos CA area in the following Los-Altos CA zip codes; 94022, 94023 and 94024.

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