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Fence Repair

The fence is a very unique part of the property since it’s usually the barrier between other properties and yours. Fences can also be used to partition segments on your land. Today, there are many types of fences available for the public to choose from. These fences range from aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, chain links, bamboo, electric among many others. Over time, these fences experience a lot of wear and tear happens causing the fences to grow weak and sometimes even fall. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, Cupertino CA we understand all fencing problems and fix them swiftly and efficiently for you.

Vinyl Fence

In high humidity areas such as Cupertino CA, vinyl fences are a decent option for all those that need high performance fence that will last for years without decaying or needing a lot of maintenance. To this end, Bay Area Automatic Gates specialize in providing our clients in the Cupertino area with the best quality in vinyl fencing so that they can have a strong colorful fence. Because of the material, this fence is highly durable to an extent where some manufacturers provide lifetime warranties to their customers.   

Chain Link Fence Cupertino CA

Chain link fences are popular because of their diversity in terms of uses and applications. In terms of practicality and ease of installation, the chain link fence can be one of the most useful fences around. Primarily used to secure spaces such as barns, back yards, construction sites and other facilities, you can count on his fence to keep intruders out. There are many different types of chain-link fences out there. Some have been specialized by having a vinyl coating and even having thicker chain links. For the best quality of chain link fences available in the 94027 zip code, look no further than Bay Area Automatic Gates.

Gate Opener

Gate openers are a crucial part of a modern home. It helps people get in and out of a compound automatically without them having to step outside their cars. Today, gate openers are of many kinds each employing different technologies to attain their goal of opening the gate. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we give our clients the best in terms of choices so that they can choose the most appropriate gate opener for them. We also go the extra mile by taking care of the installation so that everything goes in its right place.

Electric Gates

Electric gates are now very common in California because of their ease of operation and convenience to the users. They come with a lot of moving parts and electric components. As such, only a certified professional should take care of any installations and repair. To this end, we have a highly trained workforce dedicated to bringing about the best in all things electric gates.

Driveway Gates Cupertino CA

Driveway gates are usually the first thing anyone sees when they reach your property. As such they should be beautiful but also very strong to keep out malicious people. At Bay Area Automatic Gates, we have a collection of some of the best looking driveway gates in the entire Cupertino CA. We take care of all matters installation, maintenance and repairs. In the Cupertino CA, we work within the following Cupertino CA zip codes; 94025, 94087, 95014, 95015

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